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by bas
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Blog Relay Post 1

"We have ten more admits." Sunil's muffled whisper through the mask did not make the news any less disturbing. That took the count of the number of admits in the hospital to more than a 100 with in the day. Makeshift beds had been laid out in every possible location in the hospital and with ten more Priya was sure there would be no way they would be able to admit anymore for next couple of days.
The mobile in her hands rang again, she was happy to see her husband's name on the screen, and not hospital or a patient.
"Am so happy to hear your voice" Priya managed to sound as cheerful as she could.
"Things are getting worse , aren't they ?" Gaurav could easily pick up the tension in her wife's voice.
"Don't worry, with the lock down in place it will come in control soon." Priya tried to play down the seriousness of the issue, hoping he would not worry more.
"Can I ask you something ?" Gaurav's voice going softer out of hesitation.
"Yes Gaurav, why are you hesitating?"

"You will be able to come home tomorrow for your birthday ?" Gaurav's apologetic tone just made answering even more difficult. "Kids are really hoping for it" Gaurav continued after a few seconds of silence.

"Gaurav" Priya paused,disappointment,helplessness,exhaustion, a cocktail of feelings washing over her before she could continued, "You know the answer, don't you ? "

"Yes Priya", Gaurav's voice seemed a lot more composed now , "We understand, and don't worry we will have a grand celebration once all this gets over "

"May be you can make your famous chocolate cake for the kids on my bhealf ? "
"Famous ?" Gaurav's chuckle made them remember the disaster Gaurav had caused the previous year in an attempt to bake a cake. "Am sure the kids will prefer to wait. "
Both laughed at the memory, before Gaurav added "Can we call you at midnight to wish? "

"Yes Gaurav for sure and thanks for..." Priya's sentence was interrupted in between by a frantic call from behind.
"Doctor, vitals of patient in bed no 42 is becoming erratic again."
"Isn't she the one who is due for delivery next week?"
"Yes Doctor." The nurse confirmed
"How was her covid test result yesterday?" Priya walked as fast as she could with the PPE kit on and in between the beds laid out in corridors.
"Her infection levels are still pretty high Doctor."

Priya looked at the screens surrounding the patient, nothing seemed positive.
"We need to make a call." Priya commented to no one in particular.
"Doctor ? " a senior nurse's worried question made Priya look away from the patient.
"Call her husband and inform him that we will be performing her delivery today."
"What if he does not agree?" The nurse wondered if the husband would give consent or not.
"Just inform him,and let me know." Priya did not want to get into the moral argument of should they wait for the consent and turned to another nurse instructing her get everything ready for operation.
"We can schedule it at 11:00 tonight" Nurse looked up from the phone informing Priya about the availability of the operation theater.
Priya nodded as she added "And set up a call with Dr.Raina, she also had performed a cesarean on covid positive patient a few days back."
"We will be able to save both of them , right doctor ? " A question from the senior nurse for which Priya had no answer.
"As of now, we are not even sure of either of them ." Priya's reply was almost like a whisper, as if she was scared that saying it loud would make it true.

The operation began on schedule at 11:00 PM , Priya and her team battled against all the odds, every possible precautions and medicines were used with the aim of ensuring safety of both the mother and the child.

As the clock struck midnight Priya gently placed the healthy girl in the arms of the nurse. Priya looked at the innocent face unaware what a chaotic time she had chosen to enter the world at. The innocent beautiful face also gave Priya hope that everything will be all right soon. Glancing at her watch she instructed, "Please note the time of birth as 00:01, 10th June 2020."

Wiping her hands she walked out of the operation theater. she was elated that they were able to save both the mother and daughter which seemed almost impossible when they started. Priya looked at the call from Gurav on her phone, but decided to inform the father of the child first. The lock down and isolation had not even allowed him to come near the hospital.
"Thank you so much Doctor, May I know your name ?" the father asked, Jubilant at the news.
"We wold love to name her after you, If its OK."
Priya could hardly believe her ears, none of her patients had ever made her feel so special.
"I would love that." Priya agreed joyously.

Walking into the Neo natal unit with her phone she dialed Gaurav
"Happy Birthday". Gaurav and her kids shouted out of the phone screen, smiling, happy to see her.
"Thank you all." Priya beamed as she continued. "Want to see who I shared my birthday with ?"
"Who?" Everyone asked unanimously.
"Say Happy Birthday to" Priya moved the camera to the newborn "Priya."

Word Count : 922

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