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A place to keep my personal goals and record progress.
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Developing a reward system
What motivates you? How do you want to reward yourself? Establish a plan to celebrate milestones and which milestones to celebrate. How do you want to challenge yourself? What do I need to do to prepare to start?

What motivates me?

How do I put that into words? I am loving the idea that I have an opportunity to help others while helping myself. My love for other people motivates me. My love for Almighty God motivates me. Having a visual record of cause and effect and progress motivates me.

How would I like to reward myself?
Let's think about this for a minute. This is going to require a bit of creativity. If I am trying to beat a food dependence, food is probably not the best reward. If I can make it fun, I am more likely to succeed. I think I want to make a game out of this.

On WDC, there are several forms of gratification. We have C-notes for encouragement, trinkets to collect, Merrit Badges, gift points, reviews, etc... I can use the less expensive items for smaller accomplishments, and for bigger accomplishments, I can use the more expensive ones.

Are there other ways I can reward myself? Yes. Let me think.....I can pat myself on the back. I can write a poem or short story to celebrate progress. I can draw myself a picture. I can take a physical photo to make a memory of my achievement. I can make a newsfeed post on Facebook and WDC to celebrate my success. I can do a fun activity like watch a movie, work a word search or crossword puzzle. I can maybe work to earn pieces to put a puzzle together. I can move spaces on a board game. I can make a list of accomplishments. I can use stickers on a chart.

Establish a plan to celebrate milestones and which milestones to celebrate. How do you want to challenge yourself?

I can create healthy challenges and reward myself for finishing them. Some challenges could be to drink more water, eat more vegetables, and take pictures of certain food items and learn about them. I could do exercise tasks, go on a nature walk, identify problems and solutions, march in place during commercials or other activities, try and share a new healthy recipe, and eat healthy when going out to eat. I can challenge myself to eat healthy snacks, do extra exercise, do writing activities, do something fun, and participate with friends. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.

What do I need to do to prepare?

I need to create the game to play. I need to go grocery shopping and I need to set an official start date day. Finish researching. Set up helps and tips.

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