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Changing the style of my blog.
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#1017431 added September 14, 2021 at 10:27pm
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I'm Afraid for My Country
I'm going to change the style of my blog today. I listen to various podcasts, is where I get my news from, for I do not trust the mainstream media to be honest with me, as they lie every time they open their mouths. But moving on; I am so afraid for my country, the United States of America. Our president oozes weakness at every turn. He has our enemies laughing at us and our allies angry with us. Joe Biden was bought and sold to China a long time ago. Everything he has touched since taking office has turned to shit!

Our border is overrun with criminals and illegal immigrants that are not vetted, tested for Covid 19, nor vaccinated. WIth no requirement of ever getting a vaccine or ever being vetted. Yet Americans better get vaccinated or lose their job. There are children in cages at our borders, stacked like sardines in a tin can, some of them sick with covid, and yet they remain there day after day, in the heat, the elements, while they are beaten, raped and generally abused and neglected. Terrorists are not being stopped from crossing our southern borders, they are flown into swing states to become a political tool for the democrats. Along with drug dealers, sex offenders, sex traffickers, murderers and thieves. All of them are illegally here, and Joe Biden refuses to enforce our immigration laws.

He cancelled the Keystone pipeline here in America. This executive order breached our contract with our ally Canada, put thousands of people out of work, and destroyed our ability to be energy independent. Then he allows Russia to continue their pipeline. He stopped the construction on the wall between us and Mexico. He re-negotiated (if you want to call it that) his way back into the Iran deal and Paris accord, that does nothing but cost the US a bunch of money and with Iran, puts the US and the rest of the world in grave danger of nuclear annihilation.

He puts through spending bills in the trillions, with the bills claiming the money is for one thing like "infrastructure", when they are far from it, and include so much pork, the pig is turning brown instead of pink. This devalues our currency and causes inflation to rise like we have never seen before. Not to mention the tax increases he is including in these bills. We are actually sending money to Iran for gender studies. What a joke!

When it comes to Biden, America is DEAD LAST!

He has broken every promise he made on his campaign trail. Not that I expected any less from this soulless, heartless, lying sack of shit. Afghanistan is a nightmare. He, instead of getting our people and loyal allies out first and then our military, gives up our airbase, leaving our weapons to the Taliban, and removes the military, leaving hundreds if not thousands behind to be butchered by the Taliban. Those he does go back and get are 90% Afghanistan people, not those that assisted us mind you, but unvetted, unvaccinated refugees that we know nothing about and expects us to make room for them in our cities and towns. Not to mention he has NO IDEA how many American civilians he has left behind enemy lines. He is an embarrassment to our country and a danger to our very way of life.

Joe Biden has ONE JOB! To protect Americans and the Constitution that he wipes his butt on, and he is incapable of doing his job. He is a traitor and a heartless, soulless, S.O.B. He is not Commander in Chief, he is a buffoon that does not have a clue what he is doing or what he is going to do to correct his actions. He is a coward and he is weak. He shows weakness at every turn. So instead of going to get our citizens that he left behind, he is threatening the American small business owners with fines, if they do not demand that their employees be vaccinated to go to work. Telling us how white supremacy is the greatest threat in our country, when he is the largest threat to our country and the largest white supremist this world has ever seen.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and all the sheeples that call themselves democrats, but are really American Marxists, have never done ONE DAMN THING for this country. All they have ever done is lie, cheat and steal, lining their pockets and packing their bank accounts with our hard earned tax payer dollars. They are drunk on power. They are so addicted to power that they make heroine addicts look like child's play.

This is why I am so very afraid for my country. If we don't watch it, start dotting all of our "I's" and crossing all of our "T's", we will be speaking Cantonese by Christmas.

There you have it, there it is, and so it goes...

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