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Are we all crazy or saved?
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Adam and Eve and everybody..

There are a lot of people in the world.
Did they all come from Adam and Eve?
Maybe they came from a collection of cells?
Maybe they were a lot of Adams and Eves?
It was a long time ago.

My brother is convinced that it all started with Adam and Eve.
But, he has only a myth to support this theory.
Some believe in a hole in the ground that started the human race.
They will point to the hole and say that's where it all started.
I think it is likely humanity started as a clump of cells.

Cells aren't very glorious.
A mushy hole in the ground isn't cute.
God or Gods would change everything in their image.
It would seem glorious.
Adam and Eve would be glorious.

It is so long ago.
And then there is the Serpent.
It talked and got Eve to taste the forbidden fruit.
Adam ate it...
After Eve gave it to him.

Does this make sense?
What about Lilith?
She predated Eve.
She would not be Adam's beast of burden.
She did not eat the forbidden fruit.

It's getting complicated.
I like a mushy clump of cells.
They evolved into humanity.
Isn't that easier than Genesis?
Lilith ended up in the Land of Nod.

A Watcher Angel took Lilith to the Land of Nod.
Watcher Angels showed Adam and Eve how to survive outside of Eden.
They made them animal skins and showed them how to farm.
There was a murder and the murderer found a wife in the Land of Nod.
Adam and Eve had a new son Seth, who got a wife...

I think it's easier to believe in evolution.
Just my two cents for the fiery man.
It was a long time ago.
I think it all started with some cells in a hole.
At least it would be evolution.

Bob County

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