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Quest for discovery(to discover who she is and what she wants)
Desire to escape(from the things she doesn’t want)
Beliefs(trying to keep her belief in the right thing even as most follow another belief)
Courage(to make the right choice)
Fear(of making the wrong choice)
Right vs. Wrong(right choice vs. wrong choice)
Identity(Trying to figure out who she is and what she wants)

#1 The first conflict is when the guards come to collect the taxes and Drinly’s father could pay them with the stolen money Drinly was given. But he decides not to and holds to what he thinks is right. In the short of it the guards demand taxes Drudge says he doesn’t have the money, guards search the house, money is found, Drudge accused of treason to the crown, Drinly steps in admitting that it was hers and the guards decide to take her instead. Drudge doesn’t allow this and gets killed her mother steps in also getting killed and then Guy Coltin comes in and rescues Drinly.
Here would be where Quest for Discovery starts and where her father chooses Right vs. Wrong.

#2 The next conflict is more of an inner turmoil. Drinly is trying to love Guy Coltin and gain his love because her father’s wish for her was that she marry a wealthy man who could take care of her.
Here she is struggling with finding her Identity. She is also trying to figure out if it is Wrong to go against her father’s wishes if she doesn’t think it is Right to marry for money.

#3 Drinly runs into the outlaws. For a lady this usually wouldn’t be a bad thing but as Drinly ran into the under disguise this wasn’t a great thing and then she stole Robin’s bow. Could it get worse? Yes she gets caught in one of the outlaws traps. So here in the story Drinly is being adventurous and finds the outlaws camp. Guy Coltin is always talking about capturing the outlaws so why not bring him Robin’s bow? She brings the bow back and Guy can only think of where she got it from. Wanting more from her than just the bow Guy pushes her away as she doesn’t tell him realizing capturing the outlaws will always be above her.
Here she would be starting to Desire Escape.

#4 Drinly joins the band as a boy. Of all the stupid ideas this was close to top. I believe there’s more conflict here but not sure what yet soooo moving on

#5 Will finds out Drinly is engaged to Guy Coltin or so he thinks so he takes Drinly back to him. Welp sucks for Drinly maybe she should have told them all the truth right?
Here’s where the Fear and Courage come in and again the Desire to Escape

#6 Will and Robin get into an argument about Drinly not sure how it goes yet so idk the theme yet

#7 Drinly tells Coltin about Will and he tells her to go find him and if Will takes her back he(Coltin) will let her go and leave her be. But Drinly meets Robin, Robin tells her Will hate’s her and believing him Drinly goes back to Guy Coltin heartbroken. Overjoyed that his plan worked Coltin is very kind and gentle and caring to her trying to take the girl’s hand in marriage.
Well here the entire time she is having an inner turmoil which would be Identity, Choices and Right vs. Wrong

#8 Will goes to Drinly before her marriage to Guy and she finally makes the Choice of what she really wants. This angers Guy but that’s for later.

#9 The outlaws camp is attacked. Guy captures Drinly and a few other outlaws. Will believes Drinly used him to help Guy and angry he looks for Robin Hood and leaves Drinly in Gisborough with Guy.

#10 Will helps Robin Hood escape and Robin Hood tells him what happened. Ashamed that he immediately thought bad of Drinly, Will rushes to her rescue and gets badly wounded.

#11 Guy Coltin tells Drinly, Will was found dead. And that is where the cliff hanger is left till the next book.
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