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Patriotism is an Action
Have you ever stood there with your right arm across your chest pledging your allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and feel such overwhelming pride it brought tears to your eyes? The first time this happened to me I was just a child. I could barely say the words but I knew, I knew those words meant something. With each passing year, I understood the words a little better.

My mom, dad, and the rest of my family instilled in me at a very young age patriotism. I learned by watching them. I asked questions. I knew what it meant to be a citizen of this great nation. My own children have the same values.

My grandfather was in the Korean War. I have relatives whom I did not have the privledge of meeting who fought for the Union and the Confederacy. My dad served in the Army. My step-father was a local principle who served in the National Guard. Another very special person to me served in the Vietnam War, his story's send chills down your spine. I love them all each and every one. I love you each and every one who sacrificed yourselves and the families who stood behind you while you were away just to protect each and every one of us. Thank you for your service!

I spent the summer with my father when I was 13 years old. He had been fishing. He came home and I was watching a Jane Fonda movie. He was irate! I did not understand at the time. I thought he was overreacting. The things we have seen taking place in America the last few years remind me of that summer day. My father was right and I understand fully what he was talking about. It saddens me to see the things being accepted today by people who call themselves Americans. This country and the people who fought for our freedom mean something to me. I will fight for you too!

Patriotism is more than just a feeling it is an action.

I had no idea being the daughter/granddaughter of a veteran qualified me as a member of "The American Legion Auxiliary." I am a proud member today. I am hoping to talk with children in our local school system about our constitution soon. Educating our youth on American values in this day and age is imperative! I am not sure where this has slipped through the cracks but we have to revive patriotism. I am ashamed of what I have seen from citizens of this great nation over the last few years.

Supporting our veterans, our active members and their families has been a life-changing experience for me. I spent years carrying two of our local veterans to their VA appointments in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Those two men were wonderful. I learned so much from them about life, where we live, and being a down to earth human being. They would laugh at my crazy stories. We would always go out to eat on the way home. They would never allow me to pay for my food. It was such an honor for me to a part of their lives. Those are memories I will cherish forever.

Know the difference between nationalism and patriotism and understand how patriotism is used. Patriotism is one of the most common beliefs manipulated in propaganda. Patriotic values and rhetoric is commonly subverted by those who try to manipulate certain beliefs or behaviors.

Learn American History, learn about the community, your state, and learn about other countries too. Stay informed. Learning the history of your country is helpful, but it's also important to stay up to date on what your country is doing in the here and now. Your nation may be quite old, with a rich history, as in the case of Japan or France, or relatively new, with a fresh sense of self, as in the case of the United States. Find causes you believe in and learn all you can a bout foreign policy.

How can we keep our government honest (as honest as possible) if we are not paying attention to what is going on around us. We have to stay informed. Get involved on the local level. Who makes the decisions in your community? Who are your leaders?

Buy American, vote, fly your flag properly, know what the 13 folds represent, study citizenship, and when you see someone in uniform do not hesitate to thank them for their service.

The best way to inspire patriotism is to lead by example. I learned by watching my parents. My children have learned by watching me. Let's reignite the love we have for our country and the people who fought for us and who still fight today. Fan the flame of desire and it will ignite!

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