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It's about adventure! Life, Scouting, Family, writing what else is there?
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Summer Catch up
Yikes!! It's a been a busy Summer and I'm just getting my spike proteins in order over here. Okay, let's catch up!


The dog keeps knocking over my basil but finally, I managed to save half a pot and I have some nice sprouting basil. One summer squash made it and I roasted it up with some zucchini and ate it. hehe. But, eventually, the heat pretty sucked the plant dry and despite a lot of blooms, I only got 1 summer squash. I ate the cilantro and planted oregano but it's not sprouting. The Marigold plant looks like something vicious attacked the stalk, but it's still blooming. I planted some pumpkin seeds but their not hatching either. With winter looming, I might take the season off. My bonzai is coming along, but it is still small.

I was so busy in New Hampshire on vacation, I lost 6 pounds. Still doing Weight Watchers, but I've pretty much even out. Need to crack down on my carbs. I've lowered them a bunch, but there is more work to be done. The spike proteins are still hefty at 202.9 tho.

Christmas is Bayeux is now avail on Amazon unlimited for your Kindle! It was published 12 OCT. If you can swing over and support, it's much appreciated. The 2021 version is more "meatier" than the 2010 version. I'm not starting work on "A Polish Heart" and "Matchmaking Amusement." Both are shorts.

I took my younger son, who is 14 back to the homeland, New Hampshire for summer vacation. Let me tell you, big difference from Commiefornia. The biggest difference is the mask. In CA we still wear masks indoors. In NH, masks are optional. No option in CA. We kept the vacation low key. We visited the mansions of Newport. My favorite is the Breakers, but they are all a marvel. We visited Canobie Lake Park, a local amusement park, took a boat ride out to the Isle of Shoals and visited with family. Joey enjoyed spending time in Karen's basement when I visited her for coffee. It was nice recharging the batteries.

When we came back , it was back to work. I've been pretty much working, sleeping, trying to find free time to read. There's dishes and laundry and really, we don't get out much. Finally we took a "family" and last Saturday, 16 OCT we went to Pismo Beach to visit the Clam Festival. We taste tested the chowder and trolled the vendors. It was very low key. The coast was cool and Pismo is a quaint CA beach town.

Don't want to get into politics too much here, but not much has changed in the way of the homeless problem. Just yesterday there was a big fire next to the 101. Homeless fires are up. Tents are all over. Just the other day "Gutter People of LA" posted a video of a homeless person taking a poo at a bus stop and I've got to think we are better than that. Why can't we build affordable "assisted" living facilities for the homeless that offer 3 hots and a cot, along with in house programs for mental illness issues and drug rehab? It's not enough to build shelter. There needs to be another layer to it.

All the best to you. Peace out.

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