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I Can't Believe It Has Only Been A Year

Biden's one year anniversary public press release was a brag session for Biden gaslighting us again for another non-moment minute on the television. He and the democrats are bankrupting our country on purpose and he knows it. We have so many failure bullshitting scenarios he can come up with and we are left with:

Inflation: Him and the democratic marxists are passing laws, what they are able to get through, spending money like it's going out of style, (that's our money by the way), and changing our income tax laws. Then they are telling us we must buy an electric car that costs 100 of 1000 of dollars and the only people making the main source of their fuel is China. China is making a move at the moment to take over the United States and rule the world. That is their goal. They have told us that is their intention. We need to take them at their word. Everything is going up in price, except our income and wages. That is spiraling down out of control as more and more unskilled workers come through our once upon a time border, taking our jobs at lower pay, and we get to starve in the street while waiting on Nancy Pelosi playing politics with the money we had allocated to feed us.

Illegal immigrants taking all of our low paying jobs of the poor,

Hostile adversaries push the envelope. Putin with Russia at the borders threatening the Ukraine. The CCP is circling Taiwan. They know Biden is weak and that most anything they pull, what is Biden going to do? Send them a strong letter telling them not to? lol Yeah right! This guy can't keep his word with his own people, what makes them think he will keep it with them? He's a coward and offers reparations with our tax dollars. It is the cover up that gets him caught.

Afghanistan. Embarrassing surrender and we still have people there, non military people there. If they are still alive. They are probably dead by now. He does not care. Though he is our commander in chief and his only job is to protect us and our rights from being violated. He is the largest abuser of our rights at the moment. He is a lying snake and as insidious as he is idiotic. Or he thinks we are the idiot. Disgust is what I feel when I hear or see Mr. Joe Biden.

Supply chains are backed up in the ocean because California says they do not meet their requirements for entry into the United States as Truck Drivers who could deliver all of these containers are fired or are quitting, for not getting vaccinated twice and then boostered twice for a vaccine that does not stop the virus. Either way effectively stopping the delivery of hundreds of dollars worth of food to go to waste.

Shortages of everything and everything costs a fortune because the Obama Administration gave all of our jobs to China, and China is not our friend but our enemy. Joe knows all this. His son was the one setting it all up for him when he was Vice President. This is not an accident. This is what Joe Biden THINKS he can get away with.

There is HATE, murderous hate being spewed by the "Left" using the race and class cards. They want everyone on the plantation, because they want all the power and all the money. And they want to keep us all on the plantation as they indoctrinate our children. As long as we allow them to, they will continue to put fear between us because it is the oldest trick in the book; Divide and Conquer. Only when we finally stop them from doing so will they stop.

All it takes for evil to take hold, is good people not stopping it when they see it happening. Silence is not a virtue. Waking Giant is what I want to see happening. I'm not speaking of the 'woke' in this context. Time to be what we are. We need to live by our own CODE. Our words speak only truth, our Word is our Bond, our swords drawn only for the good of all, defending the helpless, uplifting the hopeless, our wrath undoes the wicked. We live by a Code. Or we die by that code.

There You Have It, There It Is, And So It Goes...

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