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Till When Will We Meet Again
Beneath a soft, warm blanket I tried to snuggle.
Yet every time I close my eyes, the more I long to cuddle
With you here by my side 'till we both fall asleep.
With hands clasp while I gently touch your lip.

My mind is trap in our days' euphoria,
Reminiscing all memories and recalling our story of
How we became friends, then lovers, then partners in life.
And that lovely thought when I'll call you my wife.

Every night, I struggle to get a sleep.
Pillows drench with tears every time I weep.
Being away from you is not what I'm used to.
Yet this is the truth that I need to get through.

My dear, 'till when will I suffer this choking pain?
Will there be a rainbow after this pelting rain?
This utmost longingness, I can not feign.
My dear, 'Till when will we meet again?

Written for "April 2 Poem--Sleep or Insomnia"   in "Dew Drop Inn
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