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Wintertime's Out, Springtime's In
Wintertime's Out, Springtime's In  (E)
A type of sidewalk poem about winter and spring. A new form of poetry created.
#2273627 by 🌈GERVIC⚧️🏳️‍🌈

Wintertime is Out
         Motes of sparkling dust now disperse,
         Leaving havoc in every place.

Trees do Mutter
         Trees mutter in silent verse,
         "Wintertime is such a disgrace!"

Flowers' Whispers
         Flowers whisper a furious rant
         On choking hugs of wintertime's chill.

Plants do Agree
         "Agreed." Comes from the dying plants
         Strangle in coldness, until...

         Wintertime is out.

Springtime is In
         Mother Nature's colossal canvas is now set
         As springtime colors spread in every sheet .

Trees Grow
         Trees grow crown. They're no longer upset
         When birds sing a song so dear and sweet.

Flowers Bloom
         Flowers bloom in million colors and hues
         While busy bees and butterflies tickle each pollen grain.

Plants Grow
         Tiny sprouts lie like carpet adorned with vibrant dews.
         A new start as life buds anew again...

         Springtime is in.

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