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Guilty Until Proven Innocent
collage of photos of our American Marxist Government

President Donald John Trump, his supporters, his attorneys, and anyone who questions the 2020 Presidential Election, are being first labeled, then accused of being racist, insurrectionist, and white supremacist, then convicted before being given due process and a fair trial, without witnesses or the opportunity to confront those witnesses, without even a shred of evidence that they have ever been or still are any of these vile things they call them.

They are being given no opportunity to prove their innocence, (especially the people they have in solitary confinement in the D.C. Jail). These people did nothing more than utilize their first amendment rights on the 6th of January to protest their grievances with their government for redress, that the Marxists have thrown into the Washington D.C. Jail.

These people are being tortured, beaten, verbally attacked and threatened with twenty years in a federal penitentiary for not agreeing to sign a plea to a greater charge than trespassing at the Federal Capital building. Cruel and unusual punishment without ever being convicted of a crime. Just accused by the Pelosi kangaroo court that is called the 'rump committee'.

These people have been there for fifteen months, without formal charges being brought against them, and have not been given bail hearings or even seen swift justice as is outlined in our constitution for due process. The capital police are their judge, jury and executioner. No separation of powers. They are violating constitutional, criminal, and civil law.

The January 6th committee is working directly and in conjunction with the D.O.J., the FBI, and the CIA. There is no separation of powers. They are sidestepping our Constitutional law and Bill of Rights, and no one is stopping them YET!

This committee is abusing it's subpoena powers, its committee powers, and are Breaking the Law! I say arrest them all and throw them in their own jail, to see how much they like being kept there without an arraignment and no bail hearing.

The way I see it, no one on this committee has put forth their emails, phone call transcripts and personal conversations with co-workers regarding the 6th of January. Pelosi and her minions refuse to do so. Nancy Pelosi refused the offer from President Trump for the National Guard to be there for crowd control.

Pelosi saw an opportunity to set it up and stop Pence from questioning the integrity of the 2020 Presidential Elections, by unleashing Antifa to incite violence on the Capital. There are video's taken by fellow Americans that show Antifa changing into Trump supporter clothes, putting on the red MAGA hat, and continuing to break windows and strike out violently at police officers.

There is still the seven thousand hours of video by the security cameras that Pelosi refuses to release to the public. Because she and her minions set all of this up. It's called framing an American Citizen for inciting a riot, when in fact she was the one who incited the riot and made sure that our constitution was NOT followed to the letter of the law.

The Marxist that call themselves Democrats and this a Democracy with nothing but contempt in their voice as they dirty the words they spew forth, and lie about everything they want to hide and everyone they want to destroy.

“We the People” need to STOP these Marxists in their tracks. They are all; the entire alphabet soup, the deep state, and corrupt appointees that were supposed to be elected, starting from the top and working our way through the Biden administration are fast becoming the Stalin, Marxist and Hitler of our century.

We can NEVER ALLOW the HOLOCOST AND GENOCIDE TO HAPPEN AGAIN! We made the vow, NEVER AGAIN! Too many people were massacred all in the name of Communism, Marxism and Socialism. It is evil, wrong and down right vile to allow them to continue. It may be time for our military leaders to step in, arrest them, and take them into custody, Every Fucking One of Them!

There you have it, there it is, and so it goes...

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