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A book to house all my Poetic Explorations
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Collector's Item
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In the depths of the night
While everyone was in deep sleep,
Came the twins with a hatchet and a knife.
Faces buried under cute bunny masks.

It was your worst nightmare.
When you wake up, they're standing before you.
Your fear grew and you wanted to scream.
Tongue's detached before you can even do.

You grappled them for a chance to escape.
Stabbed in your girth, you lost control.
You dropped to the floor with heaving breaths.
Bathed in the warmth of your oozing blood.

The ladies wanted more fun—bliss.
Bunnie with the knife started cutting your arm.
While Bonnie was wielding the hatchet
Blissfully chop-chopped both your legs.

You screamed from the pain as loud as you could.
But your screams are just growls.
For having lost your tongue.
You lie there limbless and almost breathless.

Then they left with your blood dripping limbs.
They're as brutal as the creatures of the wild.
Left you helpless on the bloody floor.
And your parts were a newfangled collection galore.

Here comes a note to everyone,
Be vigilant, and secure everything.
Close your windows and lock your doors.
Or your body parts become a collector's item.

Written for "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest
DDPC Round 50 Prompt 1

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04/11/22 01:06am EDT
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