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Written for GHA: Pumpkin surprises
"Can we have this pumpkin, Mom?"

"Don't you think that is a little too big", she replied, "It's almost your size."

"That's why I like it - I could hide in it if I wanted to!"

Cindy smiled and sighed. She was glad to take her little boy out to the pumpkin patch this year, after everything that went on this summer. She was glad to see that some of the sadness had left the boy while he was looking for the perfect pumpkin. If only her heart could find the courage to not be so sad.

Jeffrey inspected the pumpkins around him. Mom had all but said "no" to the huge one, and he didn't want just a little old pumpkin to carve. He wanted something that would make his friends envious of him. After all, Halloween only comes once a year. For some reason, it was important to him.

"What about this one?" Jeffrey pointed out to a pretty hefty sized pumpkin. It wasn't as big as the first one he pointed out, but she would still need help getting it into the car. She was about to say "no" again, but looked into Jeffrey's eyes. They were hopeful, but there was something else there, as well.

Cindy chuckled to herself, "Well, ok; are you certain this is the one?"

Jeffrey couldn't believe it! "Yes! It'll be awesome, Mom; just wait and see!"

"Well, we will need help getting into the car, but if you are sure..."

"I'll go ask for someone to help!" Jeffrey was taking no chances...Mom said "ok" and he wasn't going to let her have a minute to change her mind. "Wait 'til the guys see it!"

One of the pumpkin patch helpers brought a wagon over and helped Cindy put the pumpkin onto it. She had the cash ready for a regular sized pumpkin, but with this one, she would need her debit card. Going up to the counter, she paid for the pumpkin as well as two caramel apples for later. Jeffrey was all smiles standing next to the car.

"You are awesome, Mom!" he declared emphatically.

Cindy's heart turned over; it really wasn't that big a deal, and it was good to give him something to look forward to. She sighed to herself. It really was time to start concentrating on Jeffrey more and taking care of him, rather than just coasting along as she had been doing during the summer.

"If only..." No! Stop doing that. What's done, is done. You cannot go back. Cindy chided herself. "If only" wasn't going to help matters. Time to focus on her son, and make a life for the two of them.

Buckling Jeffrey in, then herself, they made the not too distant trip back home. Cindy noticed that the leaves were beginning to pile up in the front yard. Brad wasn't here to do the yard work anymore, so she was going to have to do something about the yard chores; sooner, rather than later.

Jeffrey bounded out of the car and ran to the neighbor's house. "Mr. Ray! Mr. Ray! You've got to see the pumpkin we got! It's huge! It wasn't the biggest, but it's going to be so cool!"

Cindy laughed at Jeffrey's exploits. He really was a ham. And hopefully Mr. Ray could help them get the pumpkin out of the car.

Word Count: 563

Task 4 - October 24 - 31
Task: Writing Challenge For GHA
Write a Halloween-themed short story that is set in a pumpkin patch!

Your story must be a minimum of 500 words, and a max of 1000.
New stories only and they must be written in the current task period: October 24 -31
Any genre is allowed as long as it follows the prompt.
Keep story ratings no higher than 18+, no graphic content.

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