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Stacking the Deck
The Thanksgiving holiday was great. Got lots of relaxing done, and cleaning. But it was layered between walking the dogs, checking email, cooking, and playing Rummy. It’s become tradition in our house to play during the holiday season. Not sure why, but the game holds more excitement when out of town family members are present, sharing a bottle of red wine, munching on Chex party mix. We’ve created our own form of the game. Really. We should document it.

As kids, we loved cards – spit, speed, war. Those were the favs. As teens, spades and rummy emerged as the front-runners. I still love spades, but no one else seems to care, so I don’t get to play. If you’re a spade player, you have an automatic invite during the holiday season to drop on by. You’ll find us seated around the kitchen table – or sometimes, the living room floor, or one year – we played in Autumn’s room, across her king-sized bed. The CD player – volume up. Making jokes and wisecracks…But we’ll be playing Rummy. 500 Rummy to be exact. Christmas wouldn’t be the same w/out a nightly game.

I’d have to give Renee the credit for getting the game going…for encouraging our new versions. She plays on more than just holidays. While I’m doling out credit, some should be given to Bob. I met Bob once. Played a game w/ him at Renee’s house. He’s an electrician. I’ve come to discover, anyone who really enjoys a good game of cards, has at some point in their lives, twisted the rules, to some extent, and Bob is no exception.

Used to, we would rebuke any such rule twists. Dismissing them as a form of cheats, or at the very least – real card players don’t bend. But then, we grew up. Added alcohol to the mix, and whoa, rule breaking seemed like fun. Especially when Bob was explaining his twist to the game. Why split hairs when fun is involved?

Now, if you have a rule you want to change, bring it before the group. We vote, once agreed, the rule is named after you. For instance, before executing Bob’s rule, you must say, “Bob’s Rules” even though he only has one. There’s always an ‘S’ Chalk that up to the alcohol.

Anyway, 500 Rummy was played on Thanksgiving evening, after dinner – during dessert, and second helping of dessert. I was in the lead, round after round. (of course, I relished) Shaun was barking at my heels. He was determined. He passed me for one round and then won a really big hand to score victory. He was happy, beating me. I had to laugh.

Nice game Shaun - just wait till next time!

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