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I vote for real
I know this is weird, but I’ve been thinking about mannequins. Yeah. I know. (I’m even writing a story w/ one in it) no. its not a sci-fi thing. But, it occurred to me, I’ve never really given them any thought. What would our window-shopping experience be without them? Now, they are all over the internet. To make our online shopping feel more like real browsing? I don’t know.

My online purchases are pretty much limited to music. Tennis clothes, which I’ve bought, have never been placed on mannequins for a more realistic view. But, the other day, I was looking for um, yeah, lingerie. And there they were. The mannequins. Wearing lacey see-through underwear like they were hanging out at Macy’s or something. Sheesh.

And who dresses them? How would THAT resume read?
‘Clothed full and partial bodied babes for pics on the internet…’

I’m thinking real flesh would sell the product with more success than plastic.( Or what ever those things are made of.) Like Victoria Secret does – uses a real heartbeat.

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Amen to these sentiments - but I kind of lost my focus after the word lingerie...guess I'm easily distracted! Happy Valentine's Day, Robin!Posted by Gary on Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 2:29 PM

Hmmm, yes, interesting thought. I know there's a catalog company that won't put the clothes they sell on people for the catalog, because they want the customer to see the clothes for what they are and not be influenced by the body.In that vein, what would the use of mannequins say?Ah well, most of the time, the clothes look WAY better on the model than they look on me when I get 'em. A Victoria's Secret model I'm not. Am going to get pissed if they look better on the mannequin though...! Posted by Tami on Sunday, February 12, 2006 at 8:38 PM

As I contributor to the S.A.P.P. [the Society for the Advancement of Plastic People] I take great umbrage at any insinuation that our polypreatine friends might lose a valuable channel of employment and creative opportunity!

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