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SuperGirl on her way home!
Saturday, while at work, my cell phone rings. It's my identical twin sister, Renee.

"Guess what this sound is?" she asks, No "hello." No "How are you?" Just, "Guess what this sound is?"

I push the phone closer to my ear, hoping to get a better listen. No luck. I still don't know. It's loud, but undistinguishable.

"It's the sound of..." she pauses for theatrics. "Of your supergirl underwear in," - more pausing - "my washing machine."

I giggle. Then squeal, "You found them?"

"Beau did." Beau, her husband -- my brother-in-law --has found my panties.

I'm still laughing, "Where the hell were they?"

FYI: My SuperGirl underwear, which, by the way is my very favorite underwear in the whole wide world, became missing on the second day of my trip out to West Virginia during Christmas Break 2005. I would also like to note: The favorite status isn't just favorite - as to only include the current supply. No. These particular pair of panties (along w/ another almost identical pair) are my ALL-TIME favorite. As in EVER. They're the boycut panties - red, with the Super emblam on the front. ONLY THE most comfortable cloth you'll ever slid over your butt.

I felt the loss immediately. First, invading my body as confusion. I know they were here last night! I thought as I rummaged through my pile of dirty laundry. Then, building up into frustration as I re-checked all possible areas, coming up empty-handed.

The entire household knew of the loss. The announcement was loud. No shame or embarrassment. "Has anyone seen my S/G underwear?" I yelled, to no on in particular. Then, in quiet tones, to each individual member of the house. Even the dog, Dew, whom I secretly suspected may have chewed them to bits. I asked him, during a belly rub, "Dew," I whispered in his soft doggie ear, "Have you seen my SuperGirl underwear? I promise I'll still scratch your belly, even if you bit holes in them. C'mon, fess up; bark once if you did."


Several weeks later, after I returned home, I brought the SG q up again. You know, just in case Renee came across them while cleaning up. Nope. Again, nothing. Oh well.

Now, they are stuffed in a box, wrapped in brown paper, on their way to my house!

I'm considering taking a digi pic of them upon their arrival, just so you guys could see what all the fuss was about.

Okay, these aren't the red ones, they are the blue ones..but here goes

SuperGirl Blue underwear.

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