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Lunch on the Lawn
So maybe I have a valid excuse, maybe I don't. either way, I still fee like a loser. How could I forget? OMG! It's lunch on the lawn day for laney. The parents bring in food from the outside...you know, Inglside pizzas or sushi rolls {laney's fave} from Makata's.

Last night, I made a mental note and verbally reminded myself -out loud!

Then, I workd on the tournament, getting the seeds and draws ready. I was interrupted by a phone call from Larry, our department head. -at 10:15PM. Never a good thing. Had an emergency -I'll skip that for now cuz all's well that ends well.

But said emergency made it where I didn't upload the tourney last night -putting a bit of extra work on me this morning.

This morning it's up and out the door to pick up trophies. At work I had a glitch with the tournament software. The phone never stops ringing; parents want their children's play times... among my other usual Friday admin activities. I was multi-tasking like a maniac.

Laney's tennis banquet is tonight -which I will miss cuz I have to WORK! Then, it's off to Shaun's birthday party! Can I take a breath yet? The tournament Sat. and Sun. and World Team Tennis rounds out my Sunday evening.

Sooo, when she called -laney that is--to say, "Mom." She pauses.

"Yeah?" my tone is breathless.

"Do you have any food?"

"Oh crap!" only I was thinking the other word..."That was today."

I rattle off the food I have in my office fridge. Most of it soy products. Being allergic to dairy sux...and I know she doesn't really want, but I name anyway. Who knows what a hungry stomach will take?

"I'm outside of court eight," she tells me

"What?" I didn't realize lunch on the lawn was moved to Tattnall Square Park! OMG they are right here!

I threw some stuff in a bag...some Doritos, a box of dark chocolate - mint flavored...soft peppermint, a ziplock baggie of cut up cantaloupe and a banana. She has a drink.

Her friends are sitting in a large circle and all say hello. "Laney's mom." They call me.

I'm invited to join, but I decline. Already feeling like a heel, who wants to sit down to see delicious spreads other caring parents brought for their seniors. Laney whips out the chocolate and one boy asks, "Can laney share? I love that stuff." and a few agree.

She gives me a hug and says I'm good. (Isn't she sweet?) I love her.

Tomorrow's grad night. The seniors meet at the fields and leave to Universal studios to raid the park at 7PM. She's just happy she gets to go to that.

Now, it's my lunch time and I feel too guilty to eat my soy yogurt and soy cheese sandwich.

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