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Sick and at Work
Written December 18, 2008:

I hand over my prescriptions to the girl at the pharmacy. She glances down, scrunches up her brow and says, “I’m sorry…but, we’re out of Zmax.”

“What?” I ask. I heard her the first time but I’m in a congested fog, equipped with stuffy nose, pounding headache, scratchy raw throat. WTH is Zmax? I gave her three scripts. Please don’t tell me she's out of the antibiotics.

“It’s the antibiotic.”

Oh great. My face registers disappointment I don’t even bother to hide. Why couldn’t it have been the decongestant? Then, I flash her a pleading look. “Do you know when you will get it in?”

“If I order it now, “ she checks her watch, “should come in by in the morning.” Her lips are pursed in a I'm pretty sure about this little pout.

Fantastic. Only that puts me back almost a day and I have things to do, a 65-page manual to copy edit,(paying job), and a WDC newsletter to write; a few Christmas presents to buy, and many more to wrap. Twenty-four hours is a lot of time when gift giving is at stake. My to-do list rolls off my desk and out my office door, down the hallway, through the kitchen and stops at, what? the liquor cabinet?

Anyway, where was I? oh yeah,
“Is there another alternative?” my eyes still holding on to desperation. I’ve been sick for over two weeks, This is my second round of meds. I’m so ready to be well.

She makes a few phone calls and locates another Kroger pharmacy carrying ZMAX. I breathe a quick thank-you prayer to no one in particular. “Bless you,” I say, already three steps from the counter.

Who cares if this Kroger is farther away than the others? My throat is on fire.

I’m at work now—here till nine. Six hours ago, I drank my thick ΒΌ cup of chalky this will make you feel better potion. The bottle promised a cherry-banana flavor. Hah! I hate to disappoint the potion maker, but neither cherry nor banana made the cut.

It sucks I’ve been sick for two weeks. It sucks I’ve been to the doctor twice and am on my second round of antibiotics. It sucks that cherry and banana failed to show up in my medicine bottle. However, Christmas is around the corner and while I’m at work with this crud, I am at work, which means I have a job.

And in today’s economy, at work on payroll supersedes suck.

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