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Week Five
Week Five: Finally, I survived a day without uttering the words, “I hate this job.” The turnaround, a gradual realization --over a period of seven or eight days.

First, I ran a tournament for adults. A few pushy overconfident, must be the bosses on their jobs men were in my face. Intimidation popped up first. Then, backbone showed up as the draws narrowed. Now that I think about it, I can pinpoint backbone’s appearance to one particular phone call. A disgruntled player wanting information I couldn’t provide. Exasperated he yelled, “Who’s in charge of this tournament. Let me speak to him!”

Dramatic pause, deep breath...“I’m in charge,” I fired back. “You’re speaking to her.”

Those words hit home. On the job ladder, I report straight to the director of tennis who reports to the assistant department head. Can’t get much higher than that.

So where was I? oh yeah, then, bright and early the Monday morning following the tournament, I had the fence people, 3 electricians, the guy from Coke(to service the machine) and FOUR teams wanting to pay court fees and get their court assignments --all looking to me for direction.

Own the in-charge attitude, I told myself. Having said that, there are still issues plaguing my happiness factor; keeping up w/ my documents –a drawback to having two offices, never having real face time with my part-timers, the not one red cent in pay raise coupled with the quadruple amount of responsibilities accompanying this position mark the top of my list. Then there’s the no time for tennis and I don’t even feel like writing adding to my inability to deal with stress.

However, week five scored high in handling confrontation with ease, getting caught up with invoicing, mapping out a few policy changes I’m wanting to implement, cleaning and organizing.

Break out the hard apple cider cuz I’m off to the Tennessee Mountains tomorrow for a three-day weekend of hiking and relaxing. Heck yeah, I can’t wait.

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