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This blog is therapy
April 20, 2009

I know many of you have probably said the same thing...but this blog really is therapeutic for me.  I've missed being here and while I'm not sure I"ll have the cash in June to finance another three months or more....I'm sure going to try.  I've tried opening 2 other blogs...and they just don't seem to work as well for me.  I like it here.

Big sigh.

Ok, I'm going to vent.  I know I've shared in the past (even last week) about the issues with my son.  This weekend has been rough.  He's turning more and more frustrated and angry--was hitting himself, pushed me, hit his dad and is falling apart.  We dealt with the issues individually....because especially hitting himself, his dad, and pushing me are completely unacceptable in this house.

Yesterday evening he was crying at the drop of a hat.

So, after discussing it with my husband--we decided it was time to call the psychiatrist back and request he be weaned off one of his meds--he's on two.  Both for adhd...because the one wasn't doing anything for the hyperactivity.  I wasn't happy with it in the beginning and I'm not thrilled with the psychiatrist..w.e've had some issues and once I get him into Riley , I will be changing psychiatrists. PRONTO.

Regardless--Straterra, the med that I feel needs to go bye-bye has a long list of side affects and things to watch for--aggressiveness and change in moods are two of them. While his moods are always on and off...the truth is I've seen more tears, frustration and falling apart in the last couple of weeks...and the anger this weekend is very uncharacteristic.  So I called.

He called me back--at least this time it didn't take 2 DAYS.  And while he doesn't feel that the straterra is the cause of his anger and tears, he's willing to take him off.  We'd discussed weaning him off after school let out anyway--he's not gained any weight in 10 months.  But now he's telling me that he doesn't need to be weaned I can just take him off the straterra...no problem. 

I've read and heard otherwise and will be calling the pediatrician for her opinion and support tomorrow.

I don't have any answers and would love some.  But I'm sure not getting any from them.

Your thoughts and opinions appreciated..but be nice cause I've already been through the ringer once today.

hugs and blessings

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