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Tutorials for using the new book features.
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Imbedding a Video Link in a Book Entry
Imbedding a Video Link in a Book Entry

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The embed video wml tag directly embeds a YouTube video in a book entry.

*Bullet* The embed video wml tag can only be used within book items. It will not work anywhere else in Writing.Com.

*Bullet* Only one embed video tag can be used per entry.

*Bullet* The embedded video is displayed along the left margin unless wml tags are used to position it elsewhere in the line.

*Bullet* Only YouTube videos can be embedded.

*Bullet* If for any reason the YouTube video becomes no longer available on the YouTube site, the embedded video link here will no longer work.

Part 1: Create an Entry in Your Book

[If you have an existing entry that you wish to embed a video in, open the edit screen for the entry, and skip to Part 2.]

Open a new entry in your book.

Enter a title and add text to the body of the entry.

Click [Save and Edit] to save the entry and continue working on it.

Part 2: Imbed a Video Link in Your Entry

In the edit screen for the entry, go to the place in the entry that you want the video embedded, add the embed video tag.


The embed video tag has two arguments: the source type and the URL. The source type identifies the site (YouTube) that the video comes from. The URL is the specific address of the video that you want to embed.

          source type = youtube
          URL = the URL that YouTube provides under the video's info
                    It should look similar to this:


To get the URL, go to YouTube and copy the URL from the video you want to embed. Replace "URL" with the paste of the actual URL.

Add any additional wml tags to position the embedded video where you want it.

Click [Complete Edit] or [Save And Edit] and view the entry.

If you like the way it looks, you're finished.


This embed video tag will display the embedded video in the center of the column:


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