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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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The Uniqueness of Writing.Com
Writing.Com is completely unique from any other online writing community. Nowhere else will you find a portfolio system or community set up quite like this one. To be blunt, no other writing community compares to ours.

Online Portfolio System
The most obvious unique element of Writing.Com is our innovative and powerful online portfolio system, which provides more than twenty different types of items that members can create and share within the community. Everything from the standard single-page items for poetry, essays and short stories to the more involved multi-page books, plus groups, images, web pages, surveys, folders, madlibs, polls, crossword puzzles, word searches and much more is provided and explained in an easy-to-understand manner. These additional items can be used to supplement other writings in an author's portfolio and further explore their creativity. For complete information, please see: "Overview of Your Portfolio and "Item Types and Their Uses.

The Tools and Features
We provide an insane amount of tools and features for our writers, from editing points within items to the option of rewarding members for reviews to a simple "ideanary" for finding new words for writing. For more information on all of these unique and useful tools, please see ITEM & WRITING TOOLS  .

Gift Points
Writing.Com has a proprietary point system within the community called Gift Points. These points are used as currency for everything from rewards for reviewing to purchasing items and memberships from our online shop. Members can also offer services to one another in exchange for Gift Points, such as editing services, in-depth and lengthy reviews, signature image creation, and member-hosted contests. The ideas and uses for Gift Points are endless; this is just one other aspect of our community that makes us stand out from the rest. For complete information, please see "Gift Points.

Our Members
Besides the thousands of wonderful active members, Writing.Com has over 500 Preferred Authors and 80 Moderators who assist staff in answering questions, welcoming new members, and providing feedback and suggestions for the community. This interaction among members of all levels fosters a very friendly, positive, and diverse atmosphere within the site, which spurs on inspiration and creativity within our community.

There are countless aspects to this community which set us apart from other writing sites; it would be overwhelming to list them all on this page. Scan through the Table of Contents   of this book and you will see for yourself. Writing.Com is an amazing place for writers, readers and everything in between!

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