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Success Stories From Our Members
We receive emails from members every day telling us of their successes since joining Writing.Com:

A student is thrilled that his writing skills have improved immensely, and he's now earned an A instead of a C in English.

A housewife is thankful to have this online space to devote to herself and is writing more than she has in years.

A shy writer who has never shown her work to anyone but close family now feels liberated because so many strangers are reading her work and leaving their reviews for her.

A seasoned writer now feels that his work has been polished enough through the many honest and thorough reviews he's received on Writing.Com, that he has the confidence to submit his first piece of writing for possible publication.

A group of writers have come together and successfully published their own anthology of writing.

The success stories are many, and they continue to roll in.

Our member testimonials   contain plenty of success stories of all different kinds to peruse. They are too many to list, and none is less important than another!

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