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For the Authors
To encourage our members to showcase their talent, we provide the necessary tools and support. When someone signs up to be a member, their account comes with a free online portfolio for storing literary items. Online creation utilities make it simple to add items to portfolios. Members are also provided with an easy-to-remember public portfolio URL, which can be handed out to family, friends and publishers.

Each Writing.Com author contributes a great deal in his or her own way by enticing readers with creative tales. We strive to recognize and promote individuals who have positive interaction within the community and active portfolios filled with their own writing; these persons become Preferred Authors and Moderators. These members can often be found answering questions or lending a helping hand in the support forums and around the site.

Writers of all skill levels are able to find their own style and to get a feel for how readers truly react to it. With the Writing.Com rating and review system, authors no longer have to rely on friends and family alone for encouragement and critique. After reading an item, registered members have the ability to rate and review any item set to request feedback, thereby giving the author a completely unbiased opinion. Writers can also choose to showcase an item without requesting feedback.

The constant exposure to opinion and constructive critique can increase the quality of an author's writing on a daily basis. Authors will also find that reading and reviewing other members' items can further their own writing with new ideas, writing styles and topics. The flow of creative ideas within the community is both beneficial and inspiring!

Tens of thousands of members are from countries around the world, and English is not their primary language. Many use Writing.Com as a tool to help fine-tune their English language skills. Honest and encouraging feedback is the norm here, and helps those authors cultivate both their syntax and their confidence in another language.

Writing.Com also provides many advertising and exposure opportunities for authors within the site itself using genres, item listings and the Sponsored Item section (see: "BidClick System: Sponsored Items, Links & Genres).

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