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For the Readers
Where there are great authors, there are great items to read! The enjoyment available to the Writing.Com reader is limitless on this site. The scope and breadth of the creativity posted here is truly phenomenal, and more items are posted daily.

Writing.Com has thousands of wonderful short stories, poems, novels, articles and essays ranging from fiction to non-fiction, romance to horror. Readers can also enjoy taking part in madlibs, word searches and our newsfeed. Our readers can offer great encouragement to the authors by providing honest and constructive feedback when rating and/or reviewing items set to request feedback. When readers find an item they enjoy, they can explore the author's portfolio to find more of his or her work.

Besides the obvious enjoyment that reading provides, there is the added benefit of expanding one's own literary skills. As time goes on, readers may feel so inspired by the creative environment and community support that they actually create their own items and become Writing.Com authors!

Recommended Reading
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