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For the Educators
Writing.Com is a great resource for education professionals. Our Group item makes it easy and efficient to gather students in an online classroom. A teacher can create a Group item for each class he or she teaches, and then add the registered students to the Group item using their Writing.Com usernames. The teacher can create additional items for the class to use which can be set to Group-only access. The students can also be given the ability to set their own items to Group-only access.

A few of the potential benefits for teachers and students:

*Bullet*Bulletins to announce new assignments to the group. If a student misses class, he or she still has easy access 24/7 to classroom assignments and updates.

*Bullet*Message forums to discuss topics within the group. This is a centralized area where group members may respond to a topic or bring up their own.

*Bullet*Group email to send updates or new assignments quickly and efficiently. Group leaders can send an email to all group members with one click of the mouse.

*Bullet*Consistent methods for accessing student work and sending feedback. If each group member (student) posts his or her work on Writing.Com within his or her portfolio, checking and reviewing the work is made easy. Students (group members) can use WritingML links to post assignments in a central area, and teachers can use the Review text box at the bottom of each item to give feedback.

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