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Item Aliases
Gift Points are required for this feature or tool. Item aliases allow members to create a means to easily remember and reference their items aside from their numerical Item ID numbers. For example, the support forum, item ID #303715, can be referenced as {item:support} because an item alias has been created for it. An item alias can be substituted anywhere an item number can be used in WritingML.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use item aliases?
It is often much easier to remember words than numbers. The Item Alias system was created to allow members to create more easily remembered references to their items.

How do I create an item alias?
In the left navigation menu, go to Portfolio/(Manage:) Item Aliases. This area allows you to create, edit and delete item aliases.

What are the rules for item aliases?
*Bullet* Aliases must be between 3 and 32 characters in length.
*Bullet* Aliases may only contain letters, numbers and underscores ( _ ).
*Bullet* Aliases may not be only numbers.
*Bullet* Aliases may not begin or end with an underscore.
*Bullet* Each alias must be unique and may not duplicate another item alias.
*Bullet* Aliases are not case sensitive: This_Alias and this_alias are the same.

Are item aliases case sensitive?
No. Upper case and lower case do not matter within an item alias. {item:Support} and {item:support} are the same alias and both reference the same item through the same item alias. When you purchase an alias, it will be converted to all lowercase letters and stored within the system as lowercase.

Does Writing.Com have any item aliases set up for items?
Writing.Com provides the following easy-to-remember item aliases for official items:

support is an alias for "Technical Support Forum or {item:support}
nts is an alias for "Non-Technical Support Forum or {item:nts}
news is an alias for "Site News & Announcements or {item:news}
content_ratings is an alias for "Content Rating Support or {item:content_ratings}
suggest is an alias for "Suggestion Box or {item:suggest}
raok is an alias for "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group or {item:raok}
newbies is an alias for "Noticing Newbies or {item:newbies}
general is an alias for "Writing.Com General Discussion or {item:general}
memberships is an alias for "Compare Free and Paid Membership Benefits or {item:memberships}
activities is an alias for "Activities @ Writing.Com or {item:activities}
contests is an alias for "Writing Contests @ Writing.Com or {item:contests}
plug is an alias for "The Shameless "Plug" Page or {item:plug}
goals is an alias for "Weekly Goals or {item:goals}
gc_plug is an alias for "The GC+ Shameless "Plug" Page or {item:gc_plug}

How much do item aliases cost?
Item aliases cost a one time fee of 10,000 Gift Points to purchase plus a 2,500 Gift Point yearly renewal fee. The renewal fee comes due each year on the alias's anniversary date, and can be paid with the renew button that appears with the item alias on this page. The renewal date does not change even if transferred to a new owner. Once a specific item alias has been purchased, no one else may purchase or own the exact same item alias unless the original item alias is deleted by the owner.

How do I use an item alias?
Item aliases can be used anywhere an item ID # can be used. Instead of entering the numeric item id, you just enter the item alias that points to the item you are trying to reference.

Can I transfer an item alias to another member?
Yes. On the Item Aliases page, click the Transfer button for the item alias you wish to transfer and follow the instructions on the following screen(s). There is no fee to transfer an item alias to another member. However, the new owner becomes liable for the renewal fees.

When I transfer an item alias to another member, does its assigned item get transferred with it?

How can I find my item aliases that I have purchased?
In the left navigation menu, go to Portfolio/(Manage:) Item Aliases. This area displays all of your purchased aliases and allows you to create, edit and delete them as you wish.

Can I edit an item alias?
While you may not change the item alias term, you can change the item ID to which the alias points at any time. From your Item Aliases page, click the Edit button next to the item alias you want to edit. Make any changes, and click the Complete Item Alias Edit button to store the changes.

Can I delete an item alias?
Yes. From your Item Aliases page, click the Delete button next to the item alias you want to edit. On the following screen, you will be asked to confirm the deletion as the action can not be undone. Once the item alias is deleted, it will no longer point to its assigned item and will be available for purchase again within the community.

Can more than one item alias point to the same Item ID?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of item aliases that may point to an individual item ID. For example, the item aliases this, that and the_other could all point to the same Item ID.

Can I use my item alias within a URL to link to my item?
Yes. All items can be linked to with our "View" URL: http://www.writing.com/view/ITEM where "ITEM" is replaced by either the Item's ID or Item Alias. For example, these links both point to "Technical Support Forum:

Can I point my item alias to someone else's item?

Can I sell, auction, trade or raffle an item alias that I have purchased?
Yes. Once you have purchased an item alias, you may sell, auction, trade or raffle it and give it to someone else. Once someone has purchased an item alias from you, use the Transfer tool to send the item alias to their account. There is no fee to transfer an item alias.

If you still have questions regarding item aliases, please post in "Technical Support Forum.1

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