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Export Your Work From Your Portfolio
The Portfolio Export tool gives members the ability to export a large portion of their portfolio quickly and easily. Each version of this system will export Books, Static Items and Web Pages, while the .ZIP version also exports Images.1

The site recommends that you maintain a copy of your work on your own computer, and back it up elsewhere as well. This tool is a great way to quickly and periodically download your work to put on a CD or DVD for your writing archives. Also, if your paid membership has expired or will expire, and you decide not to renew, the portfolio export tool allows you to download most of your items so that their content is not lost.

*Bullet*   Ratings, reviews, and comments attached to Book entries are not included.
*Bullet*   The Portfolio Export tool includes the listed types of items even when they are locked.
*Bullet*   The Portfolio Export tool might not have full support for Static items and Book entries created with the beta drag & drop Complex option. If you wish to try it, the Export as HTML option is more likely to work.

Steps To Export Your Portfolio
In the left navigation menu, click on Portfolio/Portfolio Export to open the Portfolio Export page.

Choose an export format. The following options are available:
         *Bullet* Export as HTML
         *Bullet* Export as Plain Text without WritingML
         *Bullet* Export as Plain Text with all WritingML

Select an export file type. The following data export options are available:

Copy and Paste Textarea: Exports Static Items, Books and Web Pages
With this option, the system will generate the contents of your portfolio into a single textarea box. You can then select all of the text, copy it (Control/Command+C), then paste it into a local word processor on your computer. This export process makes keeping a local copy of your writing convenient and fast. Note: Due to web browser limitations, this option may not work correctly for larger portfolios.

Export as a Text file: Exports Static Items, Books and Web Pages
With this option, the system will generate a single .txt file with the contents of your portfolio within it. Your web browser should prompt you to download this file to your computer. If it does not, save the resulting page as your portfolio .txt file.

Export as a .ZIP archive file: Exports Static Items, Books, Web Pages and Images
This will create a single, downloadable .ZIP file with the contents of your portfolio. The .zip file will contain each portfolio item as its own file in whichever format you have selected: .txt or .html.

Click the Export Portfolio button to submit the request. Wait for the request to process. Save the results according to the export file type you chose.

Other Export Tools
*Bullet*   Individual items of all types have an option in their Item Tools menu to Export as HTML. Book entries have the same option in their Entry Tools menu. The option applies to the content of the Body text box in the item or entry edit page. You can copy/paste and save a plain text or text with WritingML version from the item's edit page.
*Bullet*   Survey items have an Export Responses option in their Item Tools menu.
*Bullet*   In & Out items have an Export Data option in their Item Tools menu.
*Bullet*   Group items have an Exportable Group Username List on their Manage Members page.
*Bullet* The Post Export tool linked in the header of the My Account/Forum Posts page can be used to copy/paste and save a copy of your currently existing forum posts, up to 500 at a time, whether they are in your own forum or someone else's forum, whether or not you currently have access to that forum, and whether or not the post is suspended. Deleted posts are not included.

Recommended Reading

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