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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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Icon: Premium Membership (Small)Writing.Com Shops are virtual storefronts created by fellow members. This option is available for members with a Premium membership or above to create and showcase their products. However, please note that everyone is able to purchase items from any of the shops.

Shops can be accessed by clicking on the Shop link within the left navigation under the Writing.Com logo. You have your pick of either visiting The WdC Shop, Writing.Com's official store, or clicking on Member Shops to see the products and services other members have to offer.

What sort of things can I buy?
There is no limit to what can be purchased in the stores. At the WdC Shop, you can buy various items ranging from paid memberships to "Gift Points. There are also official WdC gear (tee-shirts and hoodies), paper weights, pens, mugs, journals, stationery, games and much more.

Visiting the members shops, you're likely to see virtual images for sale (these are usually used for signatures or banners), published e-books or hard copy editions, editorial services, review packages or even web page design services.

What payment options do I have?
The convenience of purchasing an item from a virtual store is the availability of different options for payment. Whenever you buy an item, you are given the following options at checkout:

Choose A Payment Method:
*Bullet* Pay By Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover
*Bullet* Pay By PayPal Account: Credit Card, eCheck or PayPal Balance
*Bullet* Pay With Writing.Com "Gift Points

However, this all depends on the shop owner's policies. Some shops require you only pay via Gift Points, while others give all three options listed above. Be sure to read the store's requirements before making a purchase.

How do I navigate my way within a shop?
This, again, depends on the shop. When clicking on a link – or entering a storefront – most have welcome images and information on what it has to offer. To actually find the products available for sale, these items are organized on the left side of the page, where you can either Shop by Category or Shop by Brand. Click on the links to see what each has to offer, and if any catches your attention, follow the directions set by the shop owner to purchase the item(s). If you find yourself having problems checking out or have queries about a particular product, it's always wise to send an email to the shop owner for more information.

What do these other links mean?

The other links in the left navigation panel :
Your Shopping Cart:
1 Item = $0.00
View Cart | Checkout

These links show you any or all items you have added to your Shopping Cart. Click on View Cart to see what you have placed in there, remove or add more items, and proceed to Checkout to complete the transaction.

Shop Home: Takes you back to the main storefront.
My Shop Account: Shows a detailed list of all orders you have placed in any particular store.

What's New?: Lists/displays all newly added items to the shop.
Best Sellers: Lists/displays the most popular items purchased by other members in that store.
Most Wish Listed: Lists/displays items most members have added to their "Wish List.

Send a Gift!: Check for a member's address and send them a gift. This is a great way to brighten someone's day!
My Wish List: Lists/displays item(s) you have chosen from a store and added to your "Wish List.
All Wish Lists: Lists/displays wish lists of other fellow members for that particular shop. This is an easy way to choose the perfect gift and send it to a member!

Send Feedback: If you enjoyed visiting the shop, click on this to leave some feedback to the owner. It's a nice way to show that you appreciate their efforts, or even to suggest ways they can improve.

How do I create my own shop?
To create a shop item, you must have a Premium membership   or above to access this feature. Use WritingML and images from your portfolio to spice up your pages. Although it's not a must to have some knowledge of HTML, it does help to make your storefront look more inviting to visiting members.1

For more information about how to create a shop including little tricks and tips on making it a success, please check out:
"Create/Edit a Shop and "Manage a Shop.

Recommended Reading

1  Written by kiyasama

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