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How To Deal With Negative Comments
Writing.Com is home to hundreds of thousands of members. Every single member is someone with a different personality and background than yourself. Some of them will be similar, perhaps people in your own region of the world. But, more than likely, most of them will be different, perhaps from the opposite side of the country or the opposite side of the world, with different viewpoints, perspectives and opinions. Everyone will not agree or see things the same way as you and that is one of the great things that makes the world and the Internet itself so amazing and interesting.

When you get any feedback that you do not agree with - something that will happen to everyone - don't forget that the item is in your portfolio. The work is your own and you alone can choose what to do with it. Those giving feedback and comments are doing so from their own perspective and, in their own way, are most likely only trying to help. Not everyone succeeds at being helpful to everyone else, but you can't fault them for trying.

How To Deal With A Nonconstructive and Negative Comment:
When posting your work publicly, you have to be willing to take the good with the bad. Just like performers have hecklers, so do writers on an online writing site. If you've received a review or email that is nonconstructive and negative, simply delete it and don't think twice about it. If you do think about the comments again, then think about the type of person that would have sent them in the first place. Realize that this person isn't worth another second of your time!

A big benefit to Writing.Com is that it is free for anyone to use. While this diversifies the site and makes it available to more people, it also allows someone who is just out to cause trouble to easily create an account. Since these people have no sincere interest in Writing.Com or writing, they usually bore themselves out very quickly and go away. They are just looking to ruffle some member's feathers and that's only fun for a short time, especially if everyone goes about their business and ignores their antics.

In Summation
Write for you. Comments from others are meant to help you improve. Ignore anything that, in your own opinion, does not assist you in any way.

Here's a humorous video that proves you're not the only one to receive bad and/or useless feedback. It happens to everyone!

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