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Campfire Creative
A Campfire Creative is a literary work created by additions from only those who have been explicitly invited to participate. Each Campfire Creative is run by a leader who has created the campfire and invited its participants. A Campfire Creative can have up to 25 participants and up to 500 additions, and is displayed for reading in its entirety on one page.

Campfire Creatives are a fun and interactive way of writing with a group. Imagine sitting around a campfire with a group of your friends. The leader of the campfire begins a story that is then passed around the group for each to add their input in turn. You can never tell where these are going to lead!

If you are interested in checking out some Campfire Creatives by other members, you can find them by clicking on Browse by Type in the left navigation menu and choosing Campfire Creatives.

Campfire Creative items are created just like any other item type on Writing.Com. There are two methods for creating and saving Campfire Creative items. You can click on either Portfolio/Create New Item or on Create New Item in the left navigation menu, and on the new page, scroll down and click on Campfire Creative. Or you can go to your Portfolio and select Create Item just below your Portfolio tab, and click on Campfire Creative in the drop menu. In either case, follow the instructions in the CREATE A NEW CAMPFIRE CREATIVE page. For a detailed explanation of creating a Campfire Creative item, please see "Create/Edit a Campfire Creative, which is linked at the upper right of the create page.

How Does It Work?
After you have created your Campfire Creative item, click the Manage Campfire link within the Item Tools menu (to open the Item Tools menu, click the gear icon at the right end of the item's entry on your Portfolio page, or at the upper right of the item when viewed). Here you are able to to manage your invitees, list and edit the additions that are in the Campfire, and extinguish it.

Enter your invitees' Writing.Com email addresses in the Manage Campfire area of the item. Writing.Com will send them a brief invitation for your Campfire Creative. It will include a brief overview of how Campfire Creative items work, your description of your Campfire Creative, and instructions on how they can accept or decline your invitation. If an invitee accepts your invitation, you will be notified by email, and they will be added to the Campfire Creative's rotation. If an invitee declines your invitation, you will be notified by email, and they will be removed from your invitation list.

Please remember that your Campfire Creative cannot begin until at least one invitee has accepted your invitation. Once the first invitation has been accepted, you will receive an email from the Campfire Creative system explaining how to continue. You are limited to 25 invitees. Once an author has contributed to your creative, you will not be able to remove them; you will only be able to disable their invitation.1

Recommended Reading

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