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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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User Poll
User Polls are an option available to any member of Writing.Com. You can query other members of Writing.Com with a short question and up to nine voting options. In order to vote, the reader must be a member and logged into their account. Polls are a great way to gain an overall view of the public's opinion on something writing related or otherwise!

If you are interested in checking out some Polls by other members, you can find them by clicking on Browse by Type in the navigation menu under the Writing.Com logo and choosing Polls. A Poll must have at least one vote to show up in the listings.

User Poll Items are created just like any other item type on Writing.Com. There are two methods for creating and saving a User Poll. You can select the Writing link in the navigation under the Writing.Com logo, then scroll down and click on User Poll. Or, you can go to your Portfolio and select Create Item just below your Portfolio tab. Select User Poll from the links that drop down. In either case, follow the instructions in the Create a User Poll window. For a detailed explanation of creating an image item, please see "Create/Edit a User Poll.1

Frequently Asked Questions

I created a poll, but it doesn't show up in the poll listings. Why?
Your poll must have at least one vote to show up in the listings. Also, don't forget that content that is not correctly rated (E thru XGC) may be removed from public listings. If your poll has at least one vote and is properly rated, then it will show up in the public listings on Writing.Com.

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