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Word Search
Word Searches are created by Writing.Com members and vary in topic and difficulty level. Think you've got good eyes? Take a break from your reading, writing and reviewing to have some fun with this nifty java applet. Members choose a theme or topic for their Word Search, assign words that are to be hidden in the search and the Writing.Com system automatically generates the puzzle, making it very easy to create one. Members can even reload the puzzle after they've found all the words and do it again with a completely different layout using the same hidden words.

When you've got the hang of it, create one of your own! Word Searches are a fun diversion from your day.1

Frequently Asked Questions

A Word Search is not loading for me.
Writing.Com Word Searches use a java applet to generate and display them, so be sure that your browser has the latest java download  .

Recommended Reading

1  Written by The StoryMistress

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