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Icon: Upgraded Membership (Small) Passkeys provide members with a simple way to allow specific individuals access to their items while restricting all others. Once activated on an item, the Passkey will be required from anyone attempting to view the item who does not meet the restriction level set by the "Access Restrictions" setting. Simply provide the Passkey to anyone outside the access range to give them viewing access to the item. Think of it as locking a door and giving keys to certain people. Only someone with the right key can open the door. Of course, you have to remember to lock the door first for it to work properly, so don't forget that you need to set your item to some access restriction with privacy for Passkeys to function correctly.

This tool is perfect for sending items to agents, publishers, teachers and other specialized visitors to your portfolio! It allows you to post items specifically for these persons, irrespective of whether they have a Writing.Com account or not.

Passkey Specifics
*Bullet* PassKeys may contain any combination of letters, numbers, dashes (-) and underscores (_).
*Bullet* Passkeys are not case-sensitive.
*Bullet* Passkeys must be between 4 and 12 characters in length.
*Bullet* Passkeys can be changed at any time, thus locking out anyone with an older, non-updated key.
*Bullet* Passkeys work with all Writing.com item types.
*Bullet* Leave the Passkey space blank to leave the key turned off and inactivated on an item.
*Bullet* Creation of Passkeys is restricted to those with Upgraded and above paid memberships. For complete details on what each level of paid membership includes, please see "Free and Paid Membership Benefits

*Exclaim* Important: Since an item will be "private" to anyone who needs a Passkey to view it, you will need to provide the item's URL or use a WritingML tag to link to it. For help on linking items, please read WritingML Help for item.

Passkey Usage Examples
The Passkey works in conjunction with the Access Restrictions setting on items. Some examples of Passkey use are as follows:

*Bullet* If an item's Access Restriction is set to "Private" and the Passkey is activated, the item is ONLY accessible to those who have the Passkey.

*Bullet* If an item's Access Restriction is set to "Preferred Authors and Higher" and the Passkey is activated, the Item will be freely accessible to members with a rank of Preferred Author or higher, but other members and guests must enter the Passkey to access the Item.

*Bullet* If an item's Access Restriction is set to "Public", setting the Passkey will have no effect, as the item is publicly accessible to everyone regardless of the Passkey.

*Bullet* If an item's Access Restriction is set to "Group Only" and the Passkey is set, all members of the selected Group will be able to access the item freely. Non-Group members will be asked for the Passkey, and those with a valid Passkey will be able to access the Item.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep track of my Passkeys?
We have developed a Passkey Ring that will automatically keep track of all the Passkeys you use. Your keys will be automatically added to the Ring when you use them for the first time. The keys from the Ring will automatically be used for later access of the item. This feature is only available to those with a Paid Membership.

How does someone get to my item once it is set private with a PassKey?
Since the item is private, it won't be listed in your portfolio or in any item listings. Therefore, in order for someone to find the item and use the Passkey, you will need to provide them with a WritingML link or URL directly to the item. For help on linking items, please read WritingML Help for item.

How do I find the URL of my Item?
The URL to any Item within Writing.Com is as follows:
         ITEMID is replaced with your item's numerical ID number.

For example, the URL to this item would be given as:

I still have questions. Where can I get help?
If you have any other questions, please visit "Technical Support Forum.

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