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Submission Tracking System
Icon: Premium Membership (Small) The Writing.Com Submission Tracking System allows Premium Members and above to keep track of the items they submit to agents, publishers and offsite contests.

What is a submission?
A submission is any literary work that you have sent for consideration in an offsite contest, publication or for review by a publisher or agent.

Why use the Submission Tracking System?
It is a fact that it is extremely unlikely for an author to be found by "someone" just out looking for a new writing talent. Therefore, you need to be proactive, constantly putting your work in front of the people who should be reading it. Writing.Com can't force you to get out and make submissions to magazines, ezines, your local paper or even Writing.Com contests. We can, however, encourage you to get into the game by providing this simple submission tracking tool. It has been specially designed to help our authors aspiring for publication keep track of any and all submissions made.

The Writing.Com Submission Tracking System provides the organizational assistance and consistency that is needed to keep track of any number of submissions you will make in an effort to succeed in your writing career. By doing so, you will create a steady pipeline of incoming responses coinciding with the reply dates you have estimated and entered. Use this system to keep notes and discover what works and what needs improvement. Even if you receive a rejection (and almost everyone does), make the most of your attempts and learn by trial and error.

What information does the system track?
When you add a submission for the system to track, you are able to input the following details:

About the submission item...
         Writing.Com Item ID
         or Item Title
         or Item URL
About where it has been submitted...
         "Submitted To" Title
         or "Submitted To" URL
         Submission Date
         Estimate Reply Date
         Submission Type (Agent, Collection, Contest, eZine, Magazine, Publisher, Other)
About the submission status...
         Submission Status (Pending, Accepted, Declined, Other)
         Actual Reply Date
         Published URL
         Payment Info/Status
and additional notes about submissions.

After you submit your information, you will find it listed on your Submission Tracking System page which can be found by clicking on My Account within the navigation under the Writing.Com logo and choosing My Submissions. Use the View | Edit | Delete buttons underneath your submission's title to keep it up to date with any changes that it may have to its submission status.

Who can use the Submission Tracking System?
Premium Members or above can store submissions, however, all Writing.Com members can view the feature's functionality. Simply click on My Account within the navigation under the Writing.Com logo and choose My Submissions. From this page, click on "Add a Submission", and you will be able to see all the information you can store and organize using the Submission Tracking System.

Need help?
If you have any other questions, please visit and post in "Technical Support Forum with your detailed question.1

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