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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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Gift Points
Writing.Com Gift Points are "virtual tokens" used within the community and website to advertise items and links, purchase products and memberships or show another member your sincere appreciation. Basically, Gift Points are like the tokens you buy in an arcade. You put a dollar in the change machine; you receive 4 tokens. At most arcades, each token is worth 25 cents. Here at Writing.Com, if you give us a dollar, we give you 10,000 Gift Points.1

10,000 Gift Points Gift Points are required for this feature or tool. = $1.00 US
Gift Points may NOT be redeemed for cash.

Where Do I Find Mine?
To access your Points page, click Points in the left navigation menu. To its right, your current Gift Point balance is displayed. From the submenu, you can go to the Send Gift Points tab, the Shop with Gift Points tab, and your Gift Point Logs tab. These are tabs within the Points page, and you can click on a tab to go from one tab to another. The Points page also has a tab that goes to the Gift Points page in the WDC Shop. Additional links in the Points submenu go to other pages related to using Gift Points, both site pages and pages within your account.

Send Gift Points: In this tab you can send Gift Points to any Writing.Com member (enter their username, not their handle) or group (enter the Group's item ID number). Enter the amount you would like to send (you must have this amount or more in your account to be able to send them). Include a note if you wish, and confirm the transfer. This form can also be used to send the same amount of Gift Points to multiple members or Group items at once, up to 50 at a time.

Shop With Gift Points: In this tab you can purchase a membership for yourself or others, or buy or gift Costumicon subscriptions when they are available. The tab also has links to gift Awardicons (see AwardIcons), and to gift Merit Badges (see Merit Badges and Achievements).

Gift Point Logs: This tab displays a paged list of all of your Gift Point transactions, both sent and received, over the past year. Here you can see what is happening with your account, verify a recent transaction, and more. While you will be notified by email about most types of Gift Points you receive, some types of Gift Point transactions are only logged here. Also note that some types of Gift Point transactions are logged as two entries; for example, when a transaction consists of both a fee and a refund, when the Gift Points come from multiple sources, or when the Gift Points sent by the Review Mixer are automatically split between you and the review recipient.

Recommended Reading

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