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Access Levels Within Groups
Icon: Upgraded Membership (Small) Access levels determine the amount of responsibility held within the Group, and allow the group's management to delegate and share responsibilities within the group membership. These levels range from 1 to 15 with 15 being the highest and reserved for the group leader only. The highest, most powerful level that can be given to a member of the group is 14. The default access level of 4 is held by most members and allows them to receive emails and access Group Items.

The following is a description of the various access levels:

          1. Receives Emails To Group
          2. No Additional Privileges
          3. Access To All Group Items
          4. Default Level; No Additional Privileges
          5. No Additional Privileges
          6. Ability To Create Items With Group-Only Access
          7. No Additional Privileges
          8. No Additional Privileges
          9. Ability To Mail The Entire Group
         10. No Additional Privileges
         11. Ability To Add New Group Members
         12. No Additional Privileges
         13. Ability to Edit/Delete Group Members
         14. No Additional Privileges
         15. Group's Leader

Levels annotated with "No Additional Privileges" are reserved for later use as new tools are created by Writing.Com or responsibilities are identified.

As the assigned level number increases, the listed responsibilities and functionalities of that level generally increases. Responsibilities are cumulative adding more benefits to a member as their access increases. For example, a group member given a level of 1 may ONLY receive emails to the group while a member with a level of 9 may receive group emails, access all group items, create items with group-only access and mail the entire group.

Some features may be enabled by the group's leader for members at several different levels. For example, the Control of Group Funds may be assigned to members from levels 8 through 14. This flexibilbity allows for better management of individual member responsibilities. A leader who may not want a member at level 9 to control group funds, but wishes to allow that person to mail the entire group (a level 9 function), should set the funds level at 10 or higher.

The Group membership list is sorted by numerical group access level with the highest levels displayed first. While a level may be listed as having no additional privileges, it still affects the order of the group. For example, one member assigned an access level of 11 and another member assigned with a 12 will hold the same Group abilities, but the member with level 12 access will be displayed higher within the Group member list.1

Recommended Reading

1  Written by Jace and The StoryMistress

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