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Restrictions: None
Group Only Items
Icon: Upgraded Membership (Small) After a Group has been created, items may be created and assigned only to that Group. Usually, the first item prepared is a Welcome Letter for new group members when they join. When the item number for this Static Item is entered in the appropriate spot during creation or editing, this Welcome message is emailed to all new members when they are added to the group.

Additional items, including other static items, message forums, images, etc., may be added as necessary to the group. All items must be stored in a group member's portfolio. Access to these items must be granted in Section 2: Content and Access Control Settings of the creation and edit window for each item--Access Restrictions allows the member access to the group's items, and the Group Edit Access and Group Edit Level grants editing permission to group members as needed. After any item has been assigned to that Group, the item link will display within the Group's main page (which is available from within the Leader's portfolio).

Depending on how many items the group maintains, you may want to consider how the group organizes its assets. We suggest that all of the Group's listings and items be maintained within one folder named after the group in the Leader's portfolio. This keeps everything organized and easy to find. To access items that are maintained by another group member for whatever reason, add a link to those items in the Item Body of the main Group page.1

For more information on that, please see Group Edit for Items.

Recommended Reading

1  Written by Jace and The StoryMistress

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