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Transfer an Item To Another Member
Gift Points are required for this feature or tool. The Transfer an Item tool gives you the ability to transfer one item at a time from your portfolio to the portfolio of another Writing.Com member. Transferring an item leaves the item completely intact. This includes any ratings, reviews, posts, entries, members, awardicons, etc. belonging to the item. The only things about the item that change are the item's owner, its main access restriction, and its location. If applicable, the item will also be removed from its current folder.

Additional Considerations
An item transfer does not include a cover image that is shared from another item if the cover is unshareable, or if the new owner does not meet the sharing restrictions set for the original cover.

An item transfer does not include any Image items, Merit Badges, Trinkets, etc. that are embedded in the item being transferred. Their continued display depends on the item recipient being able to display them.

An item transfer does not include an item alias that points to the item, an Image item that can be clicked as a link to the item, or any Trinket(s) that may be used as a trinket lock.

An item transfer does not change the membership-level access restriction setting, passkey(s), trinket locks, or Group Edit settings.

The item transfer of a Group item does not change the Group membership level of the previous item owner; this setting must be reset by the new owner after the transfer is completed (see "Transfer a Group To Another Member).

An item transfer does not change the ownership of book entries (which are owned by the member who created them), photos (which are owned by the member who uploaded them), or Forum posts (which are owned by the member who created them).

Transfer Requirements
There is a fee of 1,000 Gift Points for each item transferred. Once you have completed an item transfer, it cannot be undone and the gift point fee is non-refundable.

You can only transfer an item to a member whose portfolio has the space available for it, and whose membership level allows them to host that item-type. All portfolio item-type limits for the recipient's membership level apply. Grandfathering applies only to existing items in a portfolio; it does not enable receiving an item transfer.

The recipient must have their account setting for item transfers set to allow transfers. See My Account/Account Settings in the left navigation menu, then click on Other Options and check the Deny Item Transfers setting.

1. If you need to transfer an item with special circumstances, contact The StoryMaster for assistance. Such items include Photo Albums and Book items with uploaded Photos.
2. Due to the technical complexities involved, the transfer of Folder items is not supported by the WdC system at this time.

How To Transfer an Item
In the left navigation menu, click on Portfolio/Transfer an Item. When the page loads, fill in the username (not the handle) of the member to whom you wish to send the item, and the ID number of the item you wish to transfer. A copy/paste version of the username is available in the right-click handle menu of the member's userlink. Click the Confirm Item Transfer! button and complete the process.

To ensure there is no mischief from item transfers, all items are set to PRIVATE upon transfer and the member receiving the item is emailed a notification about the transfer. The notification will explain that the item has been set to private and that they should change it, if they wish. Theoretically, you should only transfer items to members who are expecting them.1

Recommended Reading

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