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Sliders Tab
Sliders are the Writing.Com equivalent of magnetic poetry. You can create small strips that contain words and phrases, which are all placed in the work area and can be rearranged by anyone with access to the page. Just like magnetic poetry on your refrigerator, other Writing.Com members can stop by your Sliders tab, create interesting combinations and strings of words and phrases, then take a snapshot of their work to preserve it.

The Sliders feature is not supported on Mobile View, and does not work with zoom.

Snapshots can be linked by using the snapshot tag, {snapshot:######} where ###### is replaced with the snapshot ID number which is displayed underneath the snapshot. See WritingML Help for snapshot.

How Does It Work?
On the main page of the Sliders tab is the work area and a button beneath it to Take Snapshot! when you're satisfied with your work. Beneath the Take Snapshot! button, you'll find links to all of the past snapshots that have been taken, so you can see what other members have created.

In order to manage your Sliders feature, click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the tab to open the Manage Sliders page, which has several important features:

*Bullet* At the top of the Manage Sliders page, you can control who has access to your Sliders tab. For more information on access restrictions, please see: "Access Restrictions.

*Bullet* The work area on the left side of this page allows you to input the text of your sliders. Each individual "slider" is on its own line; hitting Enter once (single carriage return) will prompt the system to create a new slider. You can create up to 150 Sliders (minimum of five). You can use WritingML to create a variety of font colors, text sizes, emoticons, and more. "Large" WritingML is not supported.

*Bullet* Below the work area on the left side, you'll find a drop-down menu for content rating your sliders (choose an appropriate content rating for the words and phrases you've used: "Content Rating System (CRS)), and a button prompting you to Store List when you're done. Clicking the Store List button creates a new snapshot in your sliders area, with all the sliders arranged in order. Old slider snapshots will still be preserved.

*Bullet* The right side of the tab contains a chronological listing of all the snapshots that have been created from your sliders. You have the option to View and Remove any individual snapshot, as well as Report another member if they are using your sliders inappropriately.1

Recommended Reading

1  Updated by northernwrites; written by Jeff

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