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Item Edit Logs
Your Item Edit Logs can be accessed by clicking My Portfolio/Item Edit Logs in the left navigation menu. This paged list contains a chronological history of all the changes made to items in your port. The changes include creating items, editing items, moving items to another folder, sending items to the Recycle Bin, and retrieving items from the Recycle Bin.1

The log entries are shown from newest to oldest, with fifty entries per page. The log has four columns per entry:

Item ID / Title: The current title of the edited item. Beneath the title the All Edits of #ITEMIDNUMBER button opens a new page listing all the edits for that particular item.

Action: What changes were made to the item: Item Edited, Folder Changed, Access Changed, Portfolio Order, Moved to Recycle Bin, New Item Created, Full Screen Edited, etc. Note: This information is not searchable.

Date/Time: The WDC time and date when the item was modified. WDC time is US Eastern. Note: This information is not searchable.

Links: Click on View Entry to see the overview details of the item and the edit, including who made the edit, and a list of the settings on the item edit page.

You can sort the log by Newest First or Newest Last, and use the Search box to help you locate edits of a particular item. At the bottom of the page, you can also directly enter an Item ID number into the View edit logs by Item ID # text box to show a specific item's edit logs.

*Bullet* Item Edit Logs became accessible for members on July 6th, 2008. You will not be able to access or look up edit logs prior to that date.

*Bullet* Item Edit Logs do not show the actual changes made to the content of an item. However, Premium+ Members can access previously saved versions of their documents through the Revision Control System (RCS). For more information on RCS, please see: "Revision History.

*Bullet* When you delete an item (purge it from the Recycle Bin), its Item Edit Log entries will no longer be visible to you.

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