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Portfolio Highlighting
Portfolio Highlighting allows you to set colors and highlighting for your personal portfolio listings. This highlighting is not viewable by anyone except you, and by default, all private items in your port are shaded pink. By clicking on Settings at the top of your Portfolio tab, and then clicking on Portfolio Highlighting, you'll be able to "Add a new Portfolio Highlight". This will take you to a new page which will prompt you to to the following:

Name this Highlight: A text box for you to name the particular highlight you're creating. You might, for example, want to label different highlight colors for personal items, works in progress, etc.

Match for Highlighting: The options in this section allow you to set criteria that Writing.Com will automatically match in order to make your private items the appropriate color. You can set your highlighting based on any or all of the following criteria:

*Bullet* Match Access Restriction: This setting allows you to highlight all items with a particular access restriction. For more information on access restrictions, please see: "Access Restrictions. This could be useful to quickly and clearly define which of your items, for example, are for a particular group or accessible to a certain membership level or case color.

*Bullet* Match Title/Description: This setting allows you to highlight all items that have a particular word or phrase in the title and/or short description. This could be useful to quickly and clearly define which of your items have similar titles, like a series of short stories with the same title, or a group of images, documents, and forums related to a group or contest/activity.

*Bullet* Match Genre: This setting allows you to highlight all items that have a particular genre selected as their primary genre. This could be useful to quickly and clearly define which of your items are erotica, or horror, or poetry.

Color Settings for Highlighted Items: The options in this section allow you to select how your highlighting appears. You have the option to select both a background color and a text color (which applies to the short description).

Once you are finished with the process, click the "Update Highlight" button at the bottom of the page, and it will update your portfolio with the new highlighting criteria. Remember, this highlighting is only viewable to you when you're logged into your account; anyone else will not be able to see it.

Why is Portfolio Highlighting useful?
There are a variety of reasons why customizing your Portfolio Highlighting can help you organize your port. Some reasons include:

*Bullet* To quickly and easily see all items of a particular genre.
*Bullet* To highlight groups of items that are all related to the same story series, contest, group, etc.
*Bullet* To visually organize which of your items are viewable by specific membership levels or case colors.
*Bullet* If you write contest entries and include the contest name in your item description, you can highlight all your entries for a particular contest.
*Bullet* If you want to organize the items in your port without creating folders or making a visible distinction to anyone else. For example, if you include a word count in your short description, you could organize all your items over or under a certain word count with a specific color for easy location.1

Recommended Reading

1  Written by Jeff

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