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Increase Your Paid Membership Level
When a member wants to increase their level of paid membership (Basic to Upgraded, Upgraded to Premium Plus, etc.), they must purchase the period of paid membership they want at the increased membership level. Then the membership system calculates a gift point refund for the overlapping time with the original membership as follows:

It computes the number of days of overlapping membership and subtracts 2 days to get the number of days to be refunded. These 2 days cover a service fee, which is explained below.

It takes the Gift Point cost of one year of the original membership type and divides it by 365 days to get the amount of GPs per day to be refunded.

The system then refunds one day's worth of GPs for each day to be refunded. After a paid membership is increased to a higher level, the system will send an email with the exact number of Gift Points credited to the member's account.

When upgrading from any level of paid membership to a higher level of paid membership, the following Gift Point refunds will take place:
         *Bullet* Basic Membership Time: 299,500 / 365 = 821 GPs Per Day refunded
         *Bullet* Upgraded Membership Time: 495,500 / 365 = 1,357 GPs Per Day refunded
         *Bullet* Premium Membership Time: 1,399,500 / 365 = 3,834 GPs Per Day refunded
         *Bullet* Premium Plus Membership Time: 4,199,500 / 365 = 11,505 GPs Per Day refunded

The two (2) days which are subtracted are for a service fee of 2 days worth of GPs. This small deduction helps to ensure there is no fraud or abuse of the automated refund system.

Note that if a member purchases a period of paid membership at the same level of membership, no GP refund is given. The new paid membership is added at the end of the current membership, extending it at the current level.

If additional time is left in the lower membership level after the refund for overlapping time is given, the additional time is kept on file. When the higher paid membership level expires, the lower paid level will take over and continue for the rest of its time.

1. If you have six months of Basic Membership and move to Upgraded Membership for one month, you will receive a refund in Gift Points for one month of Basic Membership and you will have five months of Basic Membership waiting for you once your one month Upgrade expires.

2. If you have one year of Upgraded Membership and move to Premium Plus for three months, you will receive a refund in Gift Points for three months of Upgraded Membership and you will have nine months of Upgraded Membership waiting for you once your three months of Premium Plus expires.

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