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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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Access Restrictions
Access restrictions are handled on the item creation (and editing) pages. The main access restriction is set in the Access Restrictions drop menu. The default setting is "Make PUBLIC, allow EVERYONE!". Based on your portfolio status, you will have other options including the following:

Keep PRIVATE, for my eyes only!
Registered Users and higher only.
Registered Authors and higher only.
Preferred Authors and higher only.
Writing.Com Moderators and higher only.
Writing.Com Senior Moderators and higher only.

The levels available to you will be limited to your level and below. For example, a Registered Author can use the first four options, while a Moderator can use the first six options.

If you are a member of a Group and have a Group membership level of 6 or higher, this drop menu will also contain options for Group-only access settings, which allow only other members of that particular group to view your item. These options will appear in the following format:


You can check the level of your Group membership on your Group Memberships page (My Account/Group Memberships in the left navigation menu).

Access to your item will be restricted by whatever setting you select. "Keep PRIVATE, for my eyes only!" means only YOU can access or even see your item in places such as your Portfolio tab item listing. This option does not prevent others from seeing a user-created link to your item. This is the appropriate setting for any items in progress that are not ready for being viewed by others. "Make PUBLIC, allow EVERYONE!" means that everyone visiting Writing.Com from unregistered guests and up is able to view your work. This is the appropriate setting for works that are mostly completed which you would like everyone to read.

If you are posting your work specifically for the purpose of getting feedback on it, note that visitors to the site cannot rate or review your item, and that most Registered Users choose not to rate or review. You can evaluate how many potential viewers each access restriction level allows by checking the Highest Level First sort of the Authors page (Authors in the left navigation menu) and the Sitewide Statistics page (Writing.Com Tools/Sitewide Stats in the left navigation menu).

The Advanced section of the edit page contains an optional secondary access restriction based on paid membership level. This access restriction is not displayed in the item header. If this access restriction is used, a viewer must meet both access restrictions in order to view your item. The default setting is Allow Free Members and Higher, which is the OFF setting for this access restriction. If the default setting is selected for this access restriction menu, and the MAKE PUBLIC, Allow Everyone setting is chosen in the main access restriction menu, visitors to the site will be able to view your item. Based on your membership status, you will have other options including the following:

Allow Free Members and Higher
Allow Basic Membership or Higher
Allow Upgraded Membership or Higher
Allow Premium Membership or Higher
Allow Premium Plus Membership or Higher

The levels available to you will be limited to your membership level and below. For example, someone with a Basic membership can use the first two options, and someone with a Premium membership can use the first four options.

The access restriction settings may be changed on the edit page of your item at any time. In addition, a bulk item management tool is available in your PORTFOLIO tools area on your Portfolio tab.

Additional access restriction options are available by setting a Passkey (see "Passkeys) or by using a Trinket Lock (see "Beta: Trinkets), or by using the Group Edit feature (see "Group Edit for Items).

An individual entry within a Book item can have an additional individual access restriction and an individual Passkey (see "Book Entries).

Using Access Restrictions on a Folder Item
The access restrictions on a Folder do not affect the access restrictions of the items assigned to that Folder item. Restricting access on a folder will remove that folder from display within your public portfolio to those who do not meet that access requirement. It will also disallow the viewing of that folder's contents from the listing in the Portfolio tab. However, it will NOT restrict access on the individual items assigned to that Folder item. These items will still be included in and accessible via Writing.Com's public listing pages unless you also set the access restrictions on those individual items. If you do not want these items to be viewed, each individual item's access level will need to be set.

For your convenience and organization, it may be helpful to create a folder entitled "Private", which is restricted as private and holds your private work until it is ready for others to view. This is only a suggestion and not a requirement.1

Recommended Reading

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