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Full Screen Edit
Icon: Premium Membership (Small) Premium+ members have the Full Screen edit tool, which is the ultimate way to edit the body text box of your items and Book entries. The body text box is much larger, which allows a much greater viewing range, and is especially helpful when editing complex documents. When you only need to edit the information in your item Body, this is the window for you. Remember, none of the other editing sections such as title, brief description or keywords, are available while in this mode.1

The WritingML formatting button bar is available at the top of the Full Screen window. This makes it quick and easy to add font attributes (bold, italic, underline, etc.), change the justification of your text, or re-format entire passages with a few clicks. Highlight the text you wish to modify and click the appropriate button. To see what a particular button does, hold your cursor over it for a description. Some keyboard commands, such as Ctrl-S for Save, also work in this window. For more information on the button bar and WritingML, please read: "Enhance Your Item With WritingML.

The bottom of the Full Screen Edit window contains a text area for Revision History Notes. This allows you to keep notes of any revisions you make each time you save the item. For more information, please read: "Revision History.

You can adjust the size of your editing window by going to My Account/Account Settings and choosing Site Display Options. Scroll to the bottom of the page and set the Screen Resolution preference to the size that best fits your monitor. Save the changes.

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