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Group Edit for Items
Writing.Com provides the ability for members of groups to easily work together by allowing those members the opportunity to edit items that belong to the group's members. You may give members of groups to which you belong the ability to edit items of your choosing at any time while creating your item or editing it later, or you may remove that access once a specific task has been completed. You can set the Group Edit Access setting to the Writing.Com Group to which you wish to grant access. Note: The Group Edit area will NOT be displayed within your item creation and edit screens unless you are a member of a group!

To further restrict access to members of the chosen Group, set the Group Edit Level to the minimum level who you wish to be able to edit the item. Group members with a group level lower than the chosen level will NOT have access to edit the item. Members of the group with a level equal to or greater than this setting will be able to edit most parts of the item, EXCEPT for the Group Edit Level setting and the item's folder location. For a description of the edit levels available, please see "Access Levels Within Groups.

Group Edit Access and Various Item Types:
Edit access will allow applicable members to edit any item's title, content rating, brief description, genres, keywords, content ratings and the item body. Specific items allow additional edit features.

Books: Group Members with Group Edit Access to a Book Item will have the ability to edit any entries within the book. Please note, however, that group members will not be able to create new or delete existing entries.

Message Forums: Group Members with Group Edit Access to a Message Forum will also have the ability to Suspend and UnSuspend postings within the forum. Once a post has been suspended, only those members with edit access will be able to see the contents of the original post. However, only the forum owner may delete posts.

In & Outs: Edit Access allows members to delete entries from the In & Out.

Survey Forms: Members with Edit Access to a Survey will have complete control over listing, viewing and deleting responses.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I edit an item that I should have access to edit?

Copy the six- or seven-digit item number of the item you wish to edit, and go to My Groups, which is available from the My Account navigation menu under the Writing.Com logo. Scroll to the page's bottom, enter that number into the box provided and press "Submit." This will open up a new window with the edit screen of that particular item.

*Noter* There is no locking function that prevents two members from editing an item at the same time. One edit may override another if they are performed at the same time. Use this function with CAUTION!

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