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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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The Review Mixer
Writing.Com's Review Mixer program encourages member interaction. Each time you review a work of an author whom you have not reviewed before, the review system automatically sends you Gift Points from the Review Mixer, plus the system automatically sends the person you review the same amount of Gift Points from you.1

The Random Bonus: The amount of Gift Points you and the review recipient each receive is the base amount of 50 Gift Points multiplied by a random bonus up to 7. For a random bonus of 7, each of you will be awarded 350 Gift Points.

How this works: The system sends you twice the amount of gift points and then attaches half of them to the review for the review recipient. Both transactions are recorded (separately) in your Gift Point Log (Points/Gift Point Logs in the left navigation menu). For example: If the Mixer awards a random bonus of 5 for your review, it sends you 500 Gift Points and then includes 250 Gift Points with your review to the item's author.

Review Mixer Rules

*Bullet* You will only receive Gift Points from the Mixer by reviewing an author for the first time.

*Bullet* You should thoroughly read the work you are reviewing and send the author meaningful feedback. Please see "Guidelines To Great Reviewing for tips on sending great reviews.

*Bullet* The mixer will NOT reward anonymous reviews. The intention behind the mixer is for members to meet one another.

*Bullet* You can opt-out of the Review Mixer from your Account Settings page via the "Other Options" area. Be sure to Submit the changes.

*Bullet* Efforts to cheat the system will not be tolerated.

*Bullet* The Review Mixer may begin and end at any time, without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

*Bullet*   What happens if I include my own gift points with a first review?

The amount you include is added to the Review Mixer amount, and the total is listed in the usual Gift Point notice included with the review. Your Gift Point Log will show one entry with the combined amount when it logs the Gift Points sent with the review.

Note: if you are using the Review Tool, Gift Point amounts are not stored with the draft review, and the Save & Edit option will clear the Gift Points text box when the page reloads. Adding Gift Points to send must be done just prior to sending the review.

*Bullet*   If I have previously rated an item, and I clear the rating and send a review, am I still eligible to receive the Review Mixer gift points?

Yes, as long as you have not reviewed that author before.

Recommended Reading

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