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Daily Review Rewards
Writing.Com offers Daily Review Rewards1 as an incentive for members to review items. The more items reviewed, the higher the review reward! While it is impossible to predict what an author will find meaningful, this incentive program requires that the review be at least 250 characters in order to promote reviewing that provides helpful comments and suggestions. This is a free program automatically available to all members.

How It Works
Shortly after midnight of each day, an automated system will total up the number of "qualifying" 2 reviews given by each site member for the previous day. Gift Points will be automatically awarded using the base scale shown below. If there is a multiplier special running, the gift points for each level will be increased as mentioned in the email announcing the special.

Qualifying      Gift Points
 Reviews          Awarded 3
   1 to 2               100 GPs
   3 to 4               250 GPs
   5 to 9               500 GPs
     10+             1,000 GPs

Only reviews of 250 characters or longer in length will be counted within the Daily Review Rewards program. You should thoroughly read the work you are reviewing as this program is meant to encourage meaningful feedback. Please see "Guidelines To Great Reviewing for tips on sending reviews.4

NOTE: We reserve the right to exclude any member from this program for any reason at our sole discretion.

Recommended Reading

1  Daily Review Rewards may begin and end at any time, without notice. In addition, the payout scale for reviewing may change without notice.
2  A Qualifying Review is any review (public or private) that is 250 characters or more in length.
3  GP amounts awarded updated July 3rd, 2023
4  Written by The StoryMaster

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