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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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Automatic Gift Points from Writing.Com
At certain times a member will automatically be awarded Gift Points from Writing.Com:

Become an Author: When any Registered User within the site creates their very first item and becomes a Registered Author, we will award that member 100 Gift Points.

Daily Log In: Members also earn Gift Points for each day they log in to Writing.Com. The number of points earned is based on your portfolio status:

Registered Users earn 5 GPs.
Registered Authors earn 10 GPs.
Preferred Authors earn 100 GPs.
Moderators earn 250 GPs.
Senior Moderators earn 1,000 GPs.

Gift Points for logging in can only be earned once per day. Logging in more than once per day will NOT earn you additional GPs. Gift Points will be awarded within 24 hours of the end of each day. Emails will not be sent for log in points; they will, however, be recorded in your Gift Point log (Points/Gift Point Logs in the left navigation menu). Reports are run daily which log all member earnings. Writing.Com reserves the right to discontinue the Login for Points program at any time, without prior notice.1

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