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Revision History
Icon: Premium Membership (Small) Premium and higher members have an additional feature in their item edit pages: Revision History. The Revision History is another unique tool offered by Writing.Com to enable members to track changes made to the body text of an item. Using the system, an author can view a copy of the body text of the item from any time during its edit history back to when the Premium+ membership began. The Revision History does not include subsections of the item, such as Book entries, Interactive chapters, or Forum posts.1

The Revision History Notes section provided within item edit areas lets you add a comment describing the changes made to the item's text. This section is found in all three methods for editing your item: Edit, FS (for Full Screen) , and Q (for Quick edit). Use of the Notes section is not required, but it will make finding previous versions of your item much easier! The Notes also allow the annotation of changes made by multiple members of a group.

Currently this feature is not available for individual entries within the Book Item.
Revision information is not saved for lower membership levels.

The list of revisions stored for an item can be accessed by clicking the gear icon (at the upper right of an item, or at the right end of an item's listing in your portfolio) to open the Item Tools menu, and clicking Revision History.

Recommended Reading

1  Updated by northernwrites and JACE - House Targaryen ; written by JACE - House Targaryen .

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